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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Plagiari, Greece

Sponsored children from Plagiari
Sponsored children from Plagiari

A child sponsorship report from Plagiari in Greece. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor,

Another one warm and unforgettable summer came to an end for all the residents of SOS Children's Village in Plagiari. The memories are still strongly from their summer vacations which were full of games and relaxation near the sea and under the shining sun.

On July, we welcomed a new young girl who her name is Maria – Olibia, she is five years old and she goes to the nursery. Now, she lives in the SOS Family of Christina and she enjoys the love and the care of Mother SOS and the protection of her SOS brothers and sister as she is the youngest of the family. Maria – Olibia is very lovely and shy kid and she likes to play with the other children of the SOS Village.

All the SOS Families spent few days of their summer in the Hotel “ODYSSEUS” which is in Polyhrono of Halkidiki. Mrs Hasapis who is the director of the hotel and very closed friend of us offers every summer free accommodation to the SOS Families of SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari. By this opportunity, the children enjoyed the sea and the walks in the town.  

One more time we have to express our thanks for the precious support to the Children’s Summer Camps which every year accept children of SOS Village to pass their summer vacations in their pleasant environment full of activities and fun. That makes the kids very happy because they know new friends and they are near in the sea.

The older children of The Youth House with the escort of their pedagogues went to the summer camp of Armenistis which is in Halkidiki. The special offer helps the visitors to have camping for four days. During of their accommodation, they relaxed and they felt carefree.

When all the children came back from their summer vacations they prepared for the start of another school year. It was a great expectation for all the students because they met their classmates and they felt enthusiastic for the new step in their studies.

Once again, we celebrated the national day of October 28 1940. All the students from the SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari participated in the big parade, which took place in the Municipality of Mikra.

On 27 & 28 November realized a Christmas event to the shopping canter of Mediterranean Cosmos in Thessaloniki from the big company of toys “Mattel”. All the little kids of SOS Village took part in the happenings that they enjoyed in playing with their favourite’s toys.

On 12 December we celebrated the coming of Christmas with guests all the friends of SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari. The feast was full with Christmas atmosphere, the children around of the Christmas tree sang the carols and they offered sweets, juices and coffee.

At this point, we would like to wish you and to your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New year full of Health, Peace and Love in our hearts. Thank you warmly for your moral and financial support.

Yours Sincerely,

George Basdaris

Village Director