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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Pemba, Mozambique

Sponsored children from Pemba
Sponsored children from Pemba

A child sponsorship report from Pemba in Mozambique. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends,

Having reached to the end of the year 2009, we are delighted for the opportunity we have of writing to you in order to relay current information related to this SOS Children’s Village Pemba.

Our most gratefulness relies for the fact that all SOS children and the mothers of this SOS Village are all enjoying of good health. Fortunately,  we did not experience any critical health problems on them all along the year of 2009 thanks to your permanent support that we have never miss even admitting that the year 2009 has been affected by the world economic crisis. Despite this constraint, you are on the side of SOS Children’s Village Pemba. On behalf of all the SOS children, co-workers and the entire SOS Organisation, I would like to convey special thanks to you for this kind of spirit.

Currently, the SOS Children’s Village Pemba is taking care of 176 children distributed in 15 family houses, whereby, these children are under the loving care of 15 SOS mothers.

As referred before, the SOS children have been enjoying of good health due to constant attention they receive in the Village. In September, we had a privilege from the Ministry of Health through insecticide spray in the family houses principally to eradicate mosquitoes, insects that are responsible of spreading malaria. Malaria is considered one of endemic diseases in Mozambique after AIDS/HIV and Tuberculoses. As a result of the insecticide spray, not many SOS children have fallen victims of malaria during the second half of the year.

The SOS children still enjoy good education through keen interest shown by the teachers, SOS Mothers and other SOS co-workers. At SOS nursery, 47 out 50 children have been qualified to start primary education next year.

In Mozambique the schools closed officially on the last 30 October 2009 for those children who are not suppose to write annual examination. The holidays will last on the next 30th January, 2010. As such, the children will be engaged in different activities to occupy the holiday period. Football playing, dancing and visiting places of interest in Pemba will form part of school holiday programme. They will have the opportunity of attending variety shows and quiz (questions) from Radio and television in which, they can win some small prizes.

Some grown up children have been grouped to perform general cleaning activities, and to acquire some electricity knowledge and shoe-mending trades. The children voluntarily chose to participate in these vocational activities.

While the candidates for annual examination (those children who attend grades 5, 7, 10 and 12) had extra lessons voluntarily conducted by teachers. This was due to changes occurred in system of national examinations which resulted in some students facing slight difficulties last year. Happily, the children have already started to write their annual examination on the last 3rd November.

Girls in Mozambique are generally victims to school dropout mainly as a result of premature pregnancies and marriages. To this end, Mozambique’s Provincial Radio staff conducted a meeting to the pupils at SOS School in June. Picina Assimo, an SOS girl who attended the meeting stated that she was very happy. “I am thankful as to the aim of the meeting because it has been a compliment of what we hear from my SOS Mothers, village Educator, Social Worker”. We would like to inform that the Social Worker is responsible of Child Development Programme.

The cultural and sporting activities witnessed a good dimension among children from this village along this year of 2009. The SOS bought a new improved music system and football kit for the children, equipments that have created happiness to all SOS children.

As a matter of fact in August, the SOS dancing group received various gift as a results of their superb performance during Provincial Festival Cultural and other events organized by the Provincial Services of Sport and Cultural of Cabo Delgado Province. Three non-SOS children have joined the SOS Dancing Group in admiration to the performance.

This year, the SOS teams did not participate in any official football competitions. They have been playing friendly games though. Nevertheless two children participated in the National School Sporting Activities, namely a girl and a boy. The girl named Catija made part of the selection of Cabo Delgado Province in Football, while the boy named Damião who is an athletic participated in running competitions. Organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture the games took place in Lichinga the Capital city of Niassa Province from 11th to 25th of July. Both children were so happy to make part of the Provincial Team, but particularly proud to be the only ones in representation of SOS Children’s Village Pemba and the SOS School as well.

The SOS Children’s Village Pemba under its Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) continues to have positive impact in four communities that are being assisted. At the present moment, an exercise is taking place to enlist more targeted families.

FSP staff now work hand in hand with the VDCs (Village Development Committees) for improved outcome in the communities. Vulnerable families consisting of children qualify for this support. These families receive support in terms of education, small scale businesses and Home Based Care for HIV positive beneficiaries.

On 28 October this year, the country went on Presidential and Legislative Elections in which was elected a President of Republic in which participated three candidates; members of the Assembly of the Republic and, for the first time were elected members of Provincial Assemblies. As such we are optimistic that the country’s political and economic status will be stable as because the actual President of Republic Mr Armando Emilio Guebuza has been re-elected for his second and last mandate of 5 years as President of Mozambique assuming that he would continue with his last mandate projects.

Lastly, we would like to inform you that the SOS Village management has planned to make this year’s Christmas celebrations more appealing. Community children under the FSP care aged 7 to 12 years will be invited to spend the Christmas Eve with SOS children. Thank you once again for your support.


Yours sincerely,
António José Carvalho Junior