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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Pakse, Laos

Sponsored child fromLaos
Sponsored child fromLaos

A child sponsorship report from Pakse in Laos. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,                                                                                                                     

Champasack Province is plentiful by the natural features of the clear rivers, mountainous surrounding and dense green forests and in fertility of fish and rice in southern part of Laos. Pakse is the capital of Champasack province where is located our SOS Children’s Village.  To the Western world, the forests and landscapes of this unique part of southern LAOs became more widely known through European exploration in the 19th century, when Laos still included the large area of present-day northeastern Thailand and northern Cambodia . The wildlife seen on a daily basis included tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, deer, wild cattle, monkeys, peacocks, pythons and others – all within forests with “a power and beauty beyond compare”. 

Due to, your generous support our work is successful step by step. Hereby we would like to present some prominent events in our Village to you. We have now 136 (59 girls, 77 boys) living in  the Village including 20 new admitted children from 4 to 7 years old into different houses, 18  boys in Youth House, 33 young  boys  and  25 girls  at  boarding  schools  and hostels and 16 becoming adults are living independently. Until now the grand total number of children under the care of our SOS children’s Village Pakse is 228 (89 girls, 128 boys). We will move in grand vacation 11 young boys from Village to Youth house.

In face of some infectious diseases as Dengue fever, Malaria especially the contagious influenza H1N1, H5N1 we have invited some groups of doctors from the public health department of province to give the knowledge on these symptoms and the prevention how to handle with them. Besides that our SOS mothers and children together continued cleaning of the grass around their houses and destroying the places which could produce the mosquitoes in and outside their houses. We have also arranged the prevention program for all of our children on use of drug, the knowledge on HIV/ AIDS, on Child protection and Child Right Policy of SOS Children International. 

For last academic year 2008-09, 6 children have graduated as bachelor degree, one of them could continue studying in abroad at Ho Chi Minh city in VIETNAM. On new academic year 2009-10 almost of our children are enrolling in different classes at SOS School Pakse such as: 53 in secondary level, 69 primary level, 3 in Nursery and the remained part of children attending in Vientiane Capital. 18 have just finished their high school and prepare now to continue at different universities and vocational schools.. 8 in primary level and 3 in secondary level in good leaning had an excellent score in state exam.

Besides that we arranged some activities inside and outside the Village for our children and mothers to relax such as the International New Year, International Women’s Day so called the SOS Mother’s Day, the Lao New Year from 14th-16th April, the SOS Day on June, 23rd 2009 and excursions outside to join the Wat Phou festival, picnic at water fall nearest our village, participation from 50 children and co-workers on anti-drug Day with dance performance. On grand vacation some special activities are also arranged: 4 hours summer course in primary and secondary level, cooking demonstrations and sport competitions of football, volley ball, table tennis and rattan ball for our big children and mothers, some practices in workshop for our youth boys with help from our village master and gardener. We organized excursion for children outside to join the Buddhist lent and the racing boats festival. We enjoyed together with children to celebrate the National Teacher’s Day on 7.10.2009 too.

Together with their education and activities we paid closely for their health, their behavior and their habit  and tried to help them in need one by one to become good children in the society.

Dear Friends and Sponsors, in this occasion we would   like to express our many thanks and great gratitude for your generosity and continuous support. On behalf of all of our children, mothers and everyone here, we would like to wish all of you success in your works, prosperity and longevity.   

Yours Sincerely,

Soumata DENGCHAMPA (Mr)                                                                                      
National Director