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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Morelia, Mexico

Sponsored children from Morelia
Sponsored children from Morelia

A child sponsorship report from Morelia in Mexico. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors:

It is my honor to introduce myself as the new director of the family based care program, and to establish my first contact with all of you who make possible this wonderful labor worldwide, in Mexico, and especially in Morelia.

In April the national DIF (System for the Integral Development of for the Family) launched a call to children of all states to participate in the dissemination of the children’s rights throughout the workshop: "Eighth Workshop about Children’s rights", we are proud to say that that  Blanca, a youth of the village,  participated and won the privilege of being the representative one  of the National Network of Diffusers of the Children’s Rights 2009, statewide. The appointment was made at a rally led by the Michoacan government authorities, and the State Governor and his wife were part of it. As the  representative girl, Blanca also participated in a workshop about children’s rights in Mexico City, and in past July the President of the Republic, invited her to the official residence of “Los Pinos” (the place where the President of Mexico has its offices).

In June it was  celebrated the 60th anniversary of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide, therefore, it was  organized an art contest, some children and youth made drawings, some others wrote poems, and there were those who chose to write and perform songs, the songs were about the organization, and the blessing of having a place to live and develop themselves. All families had lots of fun, and there were many participants. The event was broadcasted on television and printed in local newspapers.

In July there was a campaign about  human and ecological proper treatment, which was called "Plant a Little tree." All children planted a tree, and while they were doing it, they expressed that they would take care of the trees so that when they grow up, they will be able to climb up their branches. In total 600 pines and ash trees were planted.

In order to advise children about the risks of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and with the aid of the Youth Integration Centers, we held a workshop called "Prevention of legal and illegal drug use." We divided  children into two groups according to their ages, one from 9 to 10 years and the other from 11 to 17. Surprisingly, the course had very good acceptance and children were actively participating, asking questions at any time, this active participation enabled them to acquire a better knowledge about all these risks.

In August we launched a cleaning campaign called "Let’s Clean Up Our Village", in order to exalt the values of cleanliness and order, not only in personal life, but also in the houses and communities we live in. The whole community participated sweeping and cleaning up the gardens of the village, and we all promised to keep it always clean.

With the participation of children in primary and secondary level in September It was  opened a computer center which we call "SOS Internet”, where a strict control of attendance, and with the permission of the aunts in charge, children can make use of this equipment to reinforce their academic knowledge, and to perform tasks.

In order to face a possible new outbreak of the A/H1N1 virus in the city, we have invited to the state DIF and other health public services to implement a workshop on preventive actions of hygiene and safety to aunts, partners and children to prevent any infection. This workshop will be held at the village’s  facilities.

We will be contacting you again to inform you about all the things we do with your invaluable and loving support.

With gratitude,

Oscar López Benítez
SOS Children´s Village Morelia, Director