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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Megadim, Israel

Sponsored child from Megadim
Sponsored child from Megadim

A child sponsorship report from Megadim in Israel. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

We are happy to once again update you with information about the year 2009 at "Megadim" Children's Village in Migdal Haemek, Israel.
The village was opened in 1997 in the city of Migdal Haemek, in the northern part of Israel. The village serves 70 children between the ages 5 – 18, from homes located within the geographical area of central and northern Israel.

This past year, 2009, was a positive year for Megadim Children's village. The number of children housed in the village reached full capacity.  There are 15 children at the Day Care Center inside the village and our youth facility inside the village was also successful. The Day Care center provides important assistance to children from the local Migdal Ha'Emek community. The children receive individualized tutoring, after school activities and a warm meal from our staff members.

We strengthened our connection with the local community and had them as guests in our village on more than one occasion. Our mayor continues to refer to the village as one of the neighborhoods in the city.

This year we hosted the Annual conference of all Migdal HaEmek School Principals and the city educational workers who visited the children's homes and learned about how we care for our SOS children in the village. They were impressed with our extensive work.

In June we hosted the new Continental Director, Mr. Peter Voelker, in our village.

Like we do every year we celebrated "SOS DAY" at the beginning of the summer school vacation. The village was decorated beautifully and we emphasized the 60 year celebration of SOS Children International. The children, mothers, volunteers and all the village staff were full partners in the success of this exciting event. The children danced and sang and we had many guests and respected people such as representatives of the Municipality and the Ministry of Social Welfare, host families who serve as alternative families for our children (who have no biological families) to visit with on holidays and vacations, biological families and teachers from the local schools, as well as our organization's chairman who blessed the children.

In the last few months we saw a dream of years come to life with the opening of a Day Care Center in the Arab Bedouin village of Qa'abiya. The project there is designed to serve 20 local children in need of tutoring, therapeutic interventions and after school enrichment activities along with a warm meal. This center is the first of 5 planned such centers across the country for the minority populations of Israel. This project is the result of joint efforts of SOS Israel, SOS Children International, the Israeli Ministry of Social Welfare and the local municipality.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your continued support, Thanks to you we can continue to do our best for the children.
Season's greetings to you and to your families

Bentzi Biram Director
Megadim Children's Village