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Czech Republic
Children playing in the Czech Republic
Support for fragile families in the Czech Republic is woefully lacking. Many children end up away from their parents in state-run institutions, and nearly half become involved in crime at some point in their lives. For SOS Children's Villages, this is unacceptable, and this is why we have helped Czech children since 1969. … more about our charity work in Czech Republic

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Medlanky, Czech Republic

Sponsored children from Brno
Sponsored children from Brno

A child sponsorship report from Medlanky in the Czech Republic. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,

The end of this year is coming and so I would like to inform you about this year’s activities in SOS CV Medlanky.

Group activities for children continuing individual personality development plans for children has been taking place in our village during this year in the same way as any other year.

Since September 2009, it means from the beginning of new school year, these activities has changed and so the children can meet in groups aimed at nature, modeller and art techniques. There are a group of indoor football for older boys and also a girl’s club for older girls. Because there is a new computer’s classroom in the village, they have been starting a computer’s group. The popular fishing club is still continuing and a course of drawing is conducted under the guidance of an experienced worker. This course is oriented to the right cerebral hemisphere and our children achieve interesting results, paint portraits and animals. Owing to the continuous improvement they are still motivated and enjoy it a lot.

In February our children spent spring break in the mountains. This last week in February was marked by skiing and a thematic game called “Journey to a snow man”. The weather was beautiful and there was plenty of snow compared with previous years. So they skied before and after lunch and whereas they lived in the ski area there were options to choose several skiing tracks according to their severity so that they all could enjoy so much with regard to their skiing ability. Every day after skiing everybody speculated how to meet the snow man in the game. It was a big adventure that the children did not want to miss in spite of being tired after skiing. The week passed in a pleasant atmosphere and children did not feel like going home after it had ended.

During the summer holidays any group activities weren’t taking place in the village, because the children were staying at summer camps and on family holidays. Before the start of holiday the children from the village had enjoyed the Children’s day which was organized in collaboration with the soldiers and police in a military area near Brno city. There was a programme where the children could try target shooting, finding of metal objects with using special equipment, different obstacle courses for soldiers, car simulators and competition on the traffic playground. They learnt to give fist aid to an injured person and could see a sample of training police dogs.
Before holidays the psychologists of the village also had prepared traditional event called “Psychologist in Motion”, where SOS families who are in the care of psychologist compete against each other. Ten families divided into two groups competed in several disciplines and the race ended in a draw to the great joy.

The team of the village co-workers also prepared several trips for children who hadn’t any holiday’s programme. At first they visited near Bílovice nad Svitavou and walked in the beautiful nature here. Their next day tour led to the landscape called Pálava. They passed the local castles, protected nature
surrounded by vineyards and the nearby dam in fine weather and despite of the complexity of the route they were all delighted and tired on the return journey by train. A great attraction was the visit of western town where our children could ride a horse, pan for gold, shoot a bow and watch an Indian performance or a gunslingers show.

During September and November several weekend events held where the children were divided into groups according to families. The children were accompanied by village workers who had prepared programme and chosen the recreation centre with sport facilities situated in the middle of nature. First day there was a common camp fire with roasting sausages, singing and playing games. The aim of the all-day trip was Pernštejn Castle that the children could see through perfectly. The departure day was in token of sport competitions and games and in case of bad weather the children played board games or drew. The children and their SOS mothers praised it highly and they are looking forward to further events next year.

In the autumn time they are preparing slowly for pre-Christmas time and so a Christmas party is planned where SOS families and village staff will meet together and enjoy Christmas traditions and mood with carols at a Christmas tree. They are going to see a theatrical performance called Magic aces full of magic, mystery and tension in the Theatre of Magic just before Christmas.
All our children are looking forward to Christmas which they will spend with their SOS families, relatives and friends.

We would like to thank you on behalf of all our children and mothers and we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.