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In December 1999, Venezuela was hit by torrential rain. As a result, SOS Children's Villages set up an SOS emergency relief programme, which lasted for four months. People were given medical supplies, tools and household implements and were also helped in their search for missing relatives … more about our charity work in Venezuela

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Maracay, Venezuela

Sponsored children from Maracay
Sponsored children from Maracay

A child sponsorship report from Maracay in Venezuela. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors:

Receive warm greetings from Venezuela. On this opportunity I would like to share with you information about Children’s Village SOS Maracay of which I have news for you and who you so generously support through your sponsorship.


In our village currently live 56 boys and 31 girls for a total of 87 children. During this year we haven’t received any new children due to restructuring and conditioning of our spaces in order to reach our goal of 108 children by the month of December. We also had a family reintegration of four adolescents with their biological mother, Moises, Isaias, Johan and Joel who lived at the village during 8 years. As the result of a detailed family support from the Social Worker, the necessary conditions were achieved and the home of the biological mother reached the balance according to the needs of the youngsters. With great happiness and a little sadness we saw them leave to continue their lives in their family group.


At present we have a group of six certified mothers.  This year joined the group two new postulant aunts who have already began their theoretical training and next year will have their practical training to be certified as SOS Mothers approximately by the end of their second year. We are also engaged in a campaign for the search and incorporation of new SOS Mothers in order to have our team strengthened in order to receive new children at the village.


The SOS Youth Community for girls has moved to their new apartment, located in a very nice residential neighborhood with all services and easy access. It is very comfortable and was conditioned to fulfill all their needs. There they are continuing their education and growth in a more independent setting and with more responsibilities. These girls are consolidating their processes and are focused on their life projects. During the following months we will have two new girls from the village joining the Youth Community, they are in the process of preparing for this important change. We are also in the process of preparing a group of young boys to open an SOS Youth Community for boys.


The young boys that were living at the SOS Youth Community  have moved to the next stage of Independent living, which is the final stage before their independence, in this sense they have a new stage to overcome and great expectation for their new experiences. They continue very enthusiastically with this new challenge in their lives and preparing academically in different areas. Two girls are also in this final stage to independence living in Maracay on their own and in the process of completing their superior education that will allow for a stable future in the mid term.


At the SOS Community Center in Maracay, we take care of 65 children from communities of low resource families on a daily basis offering them attention, protection and daily care. The Community Center has a very comfortable kitchen, wide bathrooms and spacious study and play rooms for the little ones. Additionally, there is a comfortable classroom for the adults in order to continue working on the Family Strengthening and Community Development Program and with the participating mothers in a comfortable and simulating space. Five new Community homes have been opened for a grand total of 8 in which 247 children from the communities of El Mácaro and Samán Tarazonero receive daily care. We have extended our coverage to the communities of San Carlos, Coropo, San José, Los Cocos and Brisas del Lago in Maracay, Aragua State.


We have obtained local financing from some neighbor sponsor companies, which have also participated in activities with the children and their families, through recreational activities and others.


For the children and youngsters, this first semester has been very active. The school year is well underway and close to its end with very good results. All the children improved their grades and hopefully they will all be promoted to the next grade. The good grades obtained are the result of the effort, time and dedication the children, youngsters and the mothers have invested during this year into the school work, especially the mothers who give their best to educate their children. Many children were very busy also with their extracurricular activities and still continue assisting to dance, theater and painting lessons according to their interests. Others decided to join the local scouts group in which during the activities on the weekends obtain comprehensive learning in a variety of areas especially in values. We also had children join the little fire fighters group of the Aragua State, they enjoy so much this activity that some have already decided to become Firefighters in the future! The mothers have told me that the responsibility and discipline necessary to become a part of this group has influenced positively the behavior of the children and has enriched their personal growth. Some also began baseball training and are much exited about their new activity.

The plans for the vacations have began to flow with joy and enthusiasm thanks to the active work of our Social Worker who was able to make many contacts and visits and therefore the result will be  that many of the children will be able to visit their biological families as part of our family strengthening program.

Please receive our deepest greetings and most sincere gratitude for the support offered which has allowed so many children to enjoy the love, dedication and orientation of a mother and the company and love of siblings and so many children from our Community Homes and Centers are able to ensure the permanence with their family.

We wish you a beautiful and warm summer in the company of your loved ones!

Virna Pierluissi
Sponsorship Coordinator