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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Maputo, Mozambique

Sponsored children from Maputo
Sponsored children from Maputo

A child sponsorship report from Maputo in Mozambique. Written in 2009.

Dear SOS Friend,

This is the happiest season of the year, because we have the chance of communicating with you on issues regarding to the progresses of the SOS Children Maputo as well as the children thanks to you steadfast support. We are probably writing you this progress report for the last time this year of 2009, and so, we would like through it to address our sincere gratitude for continuing making part of this SOS family as well as to mention how worth was each and every contribution that this village received from you all along the year and of course, since you started supporting this SOS Village.

Fortunately the children and the mothers of this SOS Village are all enjoying of good health, and we did not experience any critical health problems on them all along the year of 2009. Even admitting that some of them could not escape from the cough and fevers caused by the changes of seasons as nowadays the World is experiencing global heat which is impending rainfalls in some parts of the world, especially in Mozambique.

Your contributions enable the SOS Children's Village Maputo to guarantee the maintenance of the “home” environment, health and the quality of education that the children have; though the economical difficulties that the whole world is facing.

The SOS Children's Village Maputo is now composed of 15 family houses and in each of these houses live between 11 to 12 children making thereby the total number of 166 children. The capacity of each Family House is of 10 children, but due to a big demand of orphans and vulnerable children, the village did not keep the capacity as a big priority. These children are under the loving care of 15 mothers. Within the village we have 1 youth facility where are living 10 girls. These girls are under the guidance of a female youth leader.

The Village also has two youth facilities for boys. These facilities are made of two rented houses at the community near the Village. 28 boys are living in those houses (13 in one and 15 in another house). The boys are also under care of two male youth leaders.

From the girls youth facility we have an example of success to share with you dear sponsor. She is a girl who was welcomed to this SOS Children's Village Maputo in 1993 and she was transferred to the youth facility in 2003.  Now she is integrated into the society.

Her name is Maria Rafael Moiasse. This girl was trained as a primary school teacher in Inhambane (located at about 460 kms from Maputo). Because of her good behavior and dedication during her professional training as soon as she successfully concluded her course she was sent for an apprenticeship. Fortunately from this apprenticeship she was automatically offered a job vacancy and signed a permanent employee contract with the Mozambican Ministry of Education. She is teaching in one of the existing Public Schools.

She is now working and living in Inhambane. Moiasse as she is commonly called has already started her own family and she is mother of girl. Apart from all these achievements she is also running her own business. She has a shop in which, she sales first need products such as sugar, rice and others.

From the same project a girl got married last year. She is called Edith Vanda Francisco and she is now living with her husband and their have a baby. Fortunately these girls did not forget the link they have with the village; mainly with their SOS mothers, brothers and sisters they left in the village. Unfortunately Edith was forced to interrupt her schooling process when she got pregnant but she is willing to finish her schooling and look for a job. Edith is planning to undertake a small scale business while she is at home and the village will make its level best to help her make this dream come true.

Inside the yard of the SOS Children's Village Maputo is also running the SOS Primary and Secondary School. There are 1052 children who are benefiting from the educational services of this school in which 149 are from SOS Children’s Village Maputo including Youth Facilities. 36 children from the Village as well as Youth Facilities are studying in other Schools outside the village (High schools, Technical Schools and vocational trainings). The scholastic year at Hermann Gmeiner School was and is up to now a promising one and we are sure that the passing rate in percentage is encouraging.

In Mozambique the schools closed officially on the last 30 October for those children who are not suppose to write annual examination. The holidays will last on the next 30th January, 2010. The others who attend grades 5, 7, 10 and 12 have already started to write their annual examination on the last 3rd November.

The SOS nursery is now taking care of 103 children. From this number 20 children are from the village and the remaining ones are from the community near the village. The nursery is running out of its capacity because of the large number of solicitation that is receiving from the community.

The Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) is so far supporting 182 extended families composed of 840 children and 314 adults. The Social Centre supports these families in program denominated Home Based Care, small scale businesses and scholarships for children and youngsters. The FSP also helps these families in many areas of small scale businesses such as farming and reproduction of chicken. The chief aim of the FSP is to strengthen families of origin so as to guarantee that the children at risk of losing parental care are no longer frightened by this situation. The families of origin are supported in order to be able to effectively protect their children.

All the projects mentioned above have been working together  in order to provide quality services to SOS children so that they grow up fit enough to have a very good integration into the society and capable to successfully contribute in the development of the economy of the country.

The village is already in a festive environment; given that we are in preparation for the coming festivals of Christmas and New Year; Christmas that is also denominated Family Day in our country. The mothers are busy in making the proposals for the festival. On the family day (25th December) each mother stays at home with her children and at the end-of-year day (31st December) the whole village joins at the amphitheater to celebrate the end-of-year and the New-Year ever.

This is when the village Director and others co-workers of the village who wish to, have the chance to visit the family houses and offer the Season Greetings to the children and mothers.

In this celebratory environment we would like to say bye 2009. Thank you very much for your presence and support towards the wellbeing of these little souls who really need. Please accept our wishes of “MERRY CRHISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2010”!

Sincerely yours

Grey Meque Gruno
Village Director