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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Lusaka, Zambia

Sponsored child from Lusaka
Sponsored child from Lusaka

A child sponsorship report from Lusaka in Zambia. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor, Dear Friend,


We are in the midst of summer in Zambia.    The weather is hot and humid, a sign that the rainy season is just around the corner - with the rain comes green grass and fresh leaves on the trees and also nice fruits such as Mangoes.  The children love Mangoes which is also a good source of Vitamin C.  The rain also helps to settle the dust in the air and that gives everyone a welcome relief.  

Once again, we are happy to share with you the latest developments that have taken place in our Village.  The Village is currently home to 178 children following the admission of 7 more children.  The new children seem to like the Village and are adjusting well to life in the Village.  They already consider the Village to be their home. 

Another group of 12 youths have been moved from the family homes to the second Girls’ Youth House. This was an exciting development in the lives of our new 12 youths to move to their own youth house. The girls were so happy to move, it was as though they were going to a far away place and yet it was just another house within the Village. We all wish them a good and responsible youth life.

Most of the children in the Village have been healthy as there have not been any serious illnesses.  Some children have had malaria due to the Village being infested with too many mosquitoes.  However, the problem of mosquitoes is being addressed by carrying out spraying around the Village.  Hopefully this will reduce the number of mosquitoes.  The children have all been given Mosquito nets to sleep under so that they have some protection.


In July, one of our youths studying in Ghana attended a two weeks Oxford Course Scholarship in England. Two successfully completed the IB Diploma studies at the Ghana International College and received Scholarships to study at Kalamazoo and Hiram Colleges respectively. Both were students at SOS International College in Ghana and completed their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in July 2009. Dauti Kilumelume who was also studying in Costa Rica won a Scholarship to study at the College of Idaho in the United States of America.  We are also happy to report that 4 more of our youths made it to International College – Ghana inJuly, 2009.  They were all very happy to have made it after the selection exams which took place in April.

The Vocational Training Centre has continued empowering our youths skills. One of the children in the Village -  is ambitious and she has plans of pursuing training in Hotel Management. She has therefore applied to be enrolled for the 2010 academic year at one of the local colleges to pursue her dreams. During the Industrial attachment break, the person  was attached to Hotel Intercontinental (a Five Star Hotel) where she gained more skills in the hotel and catering industry. The hotel was very happy with her as she had adapted very well to the hotel environment.

Eleven of our children with learning disabilities have been identified with the assistance from the Basic School and the University of Zambia’s Special Education Unit. To this effect, the Village is discussing with the SOS Herman Gmeiner Basic School on the best way to assist these children acquire the necessary education.

The Norway Cup took place in Norway in July, 2009. One of our girls – Vera Mashukho was in the under 16 Girls National Football Team which represented Zambia in the 2009 Norway Cup.  We are so proud of our girls as they managed to go as far as the semi finals.

The Majorettes, which is a group of young girls composed of our children in the village and those at the Basic School performed different dances at this year’s – 2009 Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show - an annual national exhibition show for business and commercial houses; manufacturing and mining companies, and many more.  The girl’s performance was excellent and left smiles on the faces of everyone who watched.

A Talent Show was organized to celebrate Zambia’s Independence Anniversary on the 24th of October.   The children from family homes and as well as Youths participated in the modeling, singing, mining, dancing, sketches/drama and poetry. The Children had fun and enjoyed displaying their talent and we are proud to report that SOS children are very talented as well as very entertaining.

Dear Friends, you can see how busy the children in Lusaka Village have been over the past 6 months.  Finally, on behalf of the children and their mothers we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warm regards,

Emmie Lamaswala
Sponsorship & Public Relations Officer