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Senegal is a relatively stable country where poverty nevertheless remains a problem for many. Children grow up in hazardous conditions, constantly at risk from child labour, trafficking and exploitation. In Dakar alone, it is estimated that over 7,000 children survive by begging on the street. SOS Children's Villages has been working to bring a better life to families in Senegal since 1977. … more about our charity work in Senegal

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Louga in Senegal

Sponsored children from Louga
Sponsored children from Louga

A child sponsorship report from Louga in Senegal. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

Inaugurated on May 10th, 1990, Louga SOS village will celebrate it’s twenty years in 2010. Our structure has reached its capacity of lodging with 100 children of whom we note 59 boys and 41 girls all aged between 1 an 15 years.
As far as school is concerned, there are 65 children going to primary school, 20 children at nursery and 9 at secondary school.

The six other children are less than three years old. So they stay at home.
The SOS mothers have been trained by the pedagogical team to follows their children’s results. This has allowed us to get higher percentages in the different school reports. All those who had difficulties in reading have been regularly followed and helped.
After school each child practises an activity of his choice.
The village instructor has initiated a variety of small games. He calls it ‘le grand jeu’, this facilitates the healthy occupation of more than one hundred children (village and Family Strengthening Programme) at the same time.

The beautiful performances of the children have pushed the town authorities to include them in the march past of the celebration of the country’s Independence Day on 4th April.
In the Olympiads of the country’s SOS villages, a very good preparation has allowed the children to win most of the trophies.

The SOS mothers do micro gardening. They have set tables of eggplants, salad etc). They have also taken part in a theoretical and practical training of the new SOS mothers.
The children’s protection is well anchored in the mentality of the collaborators. They have set an observatory for a good follow-up.
Animations and lectures on the children’s rights are usually organised with associations working on the well being of the children.

The good collaboration between the different unities has allowed organising outings and a carnival through the town. Children, mothers and parents of students, dressed in traditional clothes marched through the town.
The yearly meeting of the youths is being prepared. It’s an occasion of meetings and exchanges of good practices.
The infirmary, with its exemption from payment is receiving more and more people especially for malaria and diarrhoeic diseases.
The nursery school by his its activity programmes well thought make more visible the structure activities with a correct teaching but also by a carnival organisation through the town and the yearly kermes and pedagogical system.

The SOS Elementary school which gets more than 600 pupils is in charge of our children and the neighbour quarter children. Its pedagogical programme well elaborated is the cause its best results all the year.
The Family Strengthening Programme for three years will have an increase capability. The mobilizing of the different expand activities in the chosen quarter has participated to the visible activities of the organisation actions.

We would like to thank you very sincerely because your commitment and your gestures allow us to carry out all the programmes elaborated in the beginning of the year.

Yours sincerely,

Maïmouna PENE
National Office