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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Lekenik, Croatia

Sponsored children from Lekenik
Sponsored children from Lekenik

A child sponsorship report from Lekenik in Croatia. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors of SOS Children's Village Lekenik,

Seventeen years have passed since SOS Children's Village Lekenik first opened its doors to children. In the course of this school year, we were very focused on schoolwork and as a result, there has been a marked improvement in the grades of our children. Our youngsters in SOS Youth Facilities have been equally successful and the number of college students in our ranks is rising steadily.

Having our own SOS Social Center means we have a huge advantage when it comes to the organization of free time and extracurricular activities. Here are some of this year’s experiences that we will remember fondly: shooting a documentary on storks, a masquerade, weekend bicycle meet-ups, a flying kite photo safari. Our girls and boys took part in a taekwondo tournament in Sisak. We are proud to say that they returned home with a slew of medals. We celebrated the 80th anniversary of FC Lekenik, whose junior team won the championship in its age category. Three of our boys are members of the team. We recently organized a lecture and training course on the detrimental effects of all types of substance abuse.

Winter holidays are just around the corner, but many are still reliving the memories of our vacations in Veli Lošinj, at the international camp on the island of Korčula, the technological skills summer camp in Kraljevica and in peaceful Sutomišćica with its breathtakingly beautiful sand beaches. Youngsters from our Youth Facilities spent the summer working part time and going on numerous excursions. They vacationed in Rogoznica.

During the past year, we went to great lengths to maintain the SOS Village grounds in all their glory, but at minimal expense. Thanks to the efforts of our Village handymen, we achieved our goal.

What we want above all else is to provide a calming, warm home for our children. Leading the way in this endeavor are our SOS mothers, whose comittment, love and affection are instrumental in ensuring a peaceful and happy childhood for all of our children.

Dear sponsors, thank you for your help in creating a better future for our children.

On behalf of children and co-workers of SOS Children's Village Lekenik, I wish you joy during the Christmas holidays, as well as happiness and personal satisfaction in the New Year.

Mario Čović,

Director of SOS Children's Village Lekenik