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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Köszeg, Hungary

Children's Village Koszeg
Children's Village Koszeg

Child Sponsorship Report from Köszeg in Hungary. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend,

This year is coming to an end too. I have already reported you about the beginning in my spring report so I will tell you some words how it went on.  The second part of the year was much more eventful as the first part was.  Our children got great results in the school but the best pupil was Ádám Kutasi who got nearly 5, which is the best mark Hungary.

At last the summer holiday came. Most of our children had the chance to spend 4 wonderful weeks in the international SOS-summer camp in Caldonazzo, in Italy.  Five families have organized their programs themselves and the smaller children had the chances spend two weeks at a nice lake called Szelidi. At the end of July all of the SOS children had the chance to take part in a regatta on the Lake Balaton. It was a great event not only for the children, but also for the co workers.

Summer passed quickly and the school started, but we went on organizing a lot of out-school programs like a family day in the capital, in Budapest. In a big park a show was put up for children in need. Our folk dance group presented a great show and the skipping rope group could prove their knowledge, too.

The end of September is the time of the grape harvest. As Koszeg is situated in a vine environment our children could take part in different ceremonies on the occasion of the harvest. A lot of children were dressed as bunch of grapes and they marched so along the street of the city and other children were skipping with ropes on the street. On the 2nd of October we celebrated the jubilee of the children’s village in Koszeg. On this occasion we had an exciting sport event and we also had invited children of the children’s village in Pinkafeld. There were different competitions and the day was finished by a nice grill party. As the birthday of the children’s village was celebrated there had to be a birth day cake, too. Every child got a slice of it. This year a competition in telling tales is going to be held. Just after this competition everybody can start to prepare for Christmas. We usually celebrate it together in the communal house and we even decorate the Christmas tree together. We sing and dance and we are happy together. But every family celebrates Christmas Eve is in their own home since this is a family holiday. They have their own Christmas tree and they have their own habit to celebrate. 

On this occasion let me thank you for your care and support and I wish you, on behalf of all the children and co workers in our children’s village, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Imre Szilágyi

Village Director