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Senegal is a relatively stable country where poverty nevertheless remains a problem for many. Children grow up in hazardous conditions, constantly at risk from child labour, trafficking and exploitation. In Dakar alone, it is estimated that over 7,000 children survive by begging on the street. SOS Children's Villages has been working to bring a better life to families in Senegal since 1977. … more about our charity work in Senegal

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Kaolack, Senegal

Sponsored children from Kaolack
Sponsored children from Kaolack

A child sponsorship report from Kaolack in Senegal. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,

The SOS Children’s Village of Kaolack is located in Bongre district. Today it welcomes 105 children

divided into ten family houses. These houses are ruled by ten mothers and five aunts.

During the first semester the Village has developed many activities in different fields.

As far as school results are concerned, they are satisfactory:

• Elementary: 92% at the first exam and 88% at the second exam.
• Secondary school: we haven’t got the results yet because of the numerous teachers’ strikes.
The socio educational activities occupy an important place in the life of the Village. So, various activities have been fulfilled.
• Sport : football, basketball, karate
• Manual activities : many workshops heave been held and the most important are scratch pads, china eggs, banderols, serigraphy on the tee shirt.

This year, the Village has organised the first edition of SOS children’s Villages Olympiads from April 1st to April 5th 2009. Those Olympiads gathered 80 children coming from all the SOS Villages in Senegal. They allowed the children to compete in theatre, football, wrestling and manual technique.

On the health plan the Village has set up a calendar of struggling against the parasites for all the children and the following of the children’s treatments having a chronic illness (drepanocytosis, asthma, sunisitis, anemia), the reinforcement of the hygiene for struggling against the skin illness.

The SOS children Village train 31 youths, 27 of whom have scholarship and 04 are supported. Many activities have been led by the youth educator.

The Village has also celebrated many feats. The most important were :
• The feast of the worker’s medal where over 13 workers have been rewarded either by the silver medal or by the gold medal.
• The Easter festival
• Educative, sportive and cultural activities Olympiads
• The first communions organised for 6 children

During the first semester, the Village has received many visits from the colleagues of SOS Children’s Villages and from abroad. Many experiences were shared in order to ensure the quality of the work in all levels.

The Village plans during the second semester to renew all the standards by applying the auto evaluation stool; to revise the global plan for new orientations; to pursue the socio educational activities; to organise the African Child day; the world day of the ill treatment; peace world games and also a mini vacation colony of 10 days for our children and at last to go on training our children in the school level in order to reach the fixed objectives for the year 2009.

Dear sponsors, we will never stop thanking you by supporting SOS Children’s Villages and the children we are taking in charge. We wish all the best.

Yous sincerely,

Maïmouna PENE
National Office