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SOS Children's Villages began working in Nicaragua in 1973 following the earthquake which destroyed the capital of Managua, building a community in Esteli in northwest Nicaragua about 150 km from the capital. There are now four communities, as well as numerous social welfare and educational projects which also benefit local communities. … more about our charity work in Nicaragua

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Juigalpa, Nicaragua

Child from Juigalpa
Child from Juigalpa

A child sponsorship report from Juigalpa, Nicaragua

Dear friend and sponsor,

Receive warmest greetings from all the children and co-workers of the SOS Children’s Village Juigalpa.

We can say that this second semester has been very dynamic in regards to development and reaching goals.

In our village we have 14 Homes and 3 Young Facility, with a total of 136 children, where 15 of them go to Preschool, 73 children go to Primary School, 24 children go to Secondary School and 5 teenagers are in the University. Also in their spare time they do different activities for example 52 children play some sport, 31 are taking dance classes, 14 children are taking an extra classes to improve their academic scores, 8 young lady are taking technical courses, 10 young boys are taking different courses: Mechanical classes, barbershop lessons, welding classes, bakery lessons and goldsmith classes.

Nowadays, we have 12 SOS Mothers, 7 SOS Aunts and 3 Young Leaders. Also 2 new SOS Aunts have been training in the SOS Vocational Training Center (TC). They feel happy to work in this noble work; this work is very appreciated for the enormous value that is represent.

In our country, September is celebrated as a patrimonial month, and throughout whole Nicaragua people hang out the blue and white flags in all the houses. Also schools participate with their marching bands in the main streets of the city. This year 15 children used their band of academic excellence because they were the best in the classroom.

Most of the young people since November are taking a technical course in a Technical Institute; receiving Administration and Economy lessons. When they will finish this course they will receive a diploma and after will try to find a job for them.

On October 5th we participated in a Football game in the IV sports games called “Peace and not violence” with others 13 Football teams. With this meeting they shared their experiences.

In Nicaragua celebrate on December 8th the “Gritería” [shouting] which is a devotion to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, or the Purisima, as it is called here. The Purisima is characterized by its joyfulness. The singing and distribution of fruits, candies and other treats creates a spirit of happiness that builds up throughout the nine-day period. For that reason this year as others years Conchita our SOS mother, Rumilda and Alexis are ready to gather in the streets singing to the Virgin.

We feel proud and happy because Catherine, Marisol and Donald who are living in the Young Facility will graduate of their High School and the next year they will be in the University; Donald wants to study Agricultural Engineering. Catherine and Marisol want to be a teacher. Also we feel proud because Ivannia, Meyling, Ana, Brenda and Javier will graduate of their University, Ivannia and Meyling studied Marketing, Ana studied Language and Literature, Brenda now is a teacher, and Javier studied Zootechnical.

We want to say that most of the children improved their behavior in their classes, at home, and now they are more responsible and polite.. Their SOS mothers feel proud and happy.

We want to share with you that this year Franklin enjoys going to church and is taking catechism classes to make his Catholic first communion.

Also it’s a pleasure for me to inform you that this year our village was selected to be a pilot in a new polices in development called “Implementation and Programmes Policy”, with this we want to obtain all kind of information to determinate how to improve all the services that we have.

For the Christmas Eve, all the SOS family is preparing different dishes to celebrate this time of the year with the entire village; also some children go to visit their biological family. And in this month we want to visit tourist places which are near of the village.

Once again we appreciate your unconditional support and we wish you merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.

Best regards,

Virgilio Bravo
SOS Children’s Village Juigalpa