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SOS Children's Villages began working in Guatemala in 1976 following an earthquake which totally destroyed the Indian town of San Juan Sacatepéquez, 30 km from Guatemala City. Five wooden houses were built to provide homes for children who had been orphaned. Today, SOS Children's Villages has five Villages in the country … more about our charity work in Guatemala

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Jocotan, Guatemala

Sponsored children from Jocotan
Sponsored children from Jocotan

A child sponsorship report from Jocotan in Guatemala. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend:

Once again, it is a pleasure to share with you some of the experiences in our programme.

As every year, the children and youth attend to different schools, universities and training centres, 149 students perform their best effort to make this year a successful one. Seventeen children do not go to school due they do not have the minimum age yet. Seventeen youth are in the independence process in which besides studying and training they also have a job and of course receive the support SOS Children´s Villages during this process.
The fourteen families and five youth facilities of the programme, keep a very good relationship between them, it is evidenced in the constant visits received in the village on behalf the independent youths.

We want to share a very special story of three brothers that came to live to in one of the SOS families after coming as returnees from Mexico after the armed conflict that took place in our country that came to an end on 1996. The Oldest of them has recently graduated as a professional nurse in a private university where now he works as a teacher due his good performance.  Besides being a teacher he is a nurse in a local hospital and this has allow him to go forward in his independent life. The second of the tree brothers is about to graduate as a nurse as well and the youngest one will obtain his High school Diploma.

During summer all families from the village went to a trip in a beautiful field where a gorgeous river could be enjoyed. The children had fun playing with the sand and jumping from one cold pond to another and then for lunch they enjoyed a delicious roasted fish. Together with all that fun they also were invited by an independent youth that graduated as a Physical Education Teacher to see an extreme sports show, and of course all children were amazed and excited. This presentation also motivated them to do exercise as an option to be healthy and active.

The children and youth are healthy, enjoy a balanced nutrition and make the necessary exercise to contribute their growth. At the moment of being admitted in some cases the children present some health deficiencies but with the support and care that they receive from their SOS mothers it improves progressively.  An example of this is Marco who came suffering from a strabismus from which he was operated a few months ago and nowadays his eyes are doing great and he believes that the surgery was the best gift he could ever received in his life.

Stories like these ones and many other from the daily life of the children and youth in the SOS Children´s Villages give us a tremendous satisfaction but it is very important to mention that all these is possible thanks to your constant support and commitment with the children in Guatemala, therefore we want to thank you very much for caring.

Sincerely Yours,