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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Imzouren, Morocco

Sponsored children in Morocco
Sponsored children in Morocco

A child sponsorship report from Imzouren in Morocco. Written in 2009.

Dear Child Sponsors,

During the first semester of 2009, the number of beneficiaries of the SOS Children’s Village of Imzouren remained constant because we did not take in any new children. Currently, 89 children are living in the 13 family homes including 41 girls and 48 boys.

The education of our children continues under good conditions. Academic support to all the children is assured by a multidisciplinary team composed of SOS mothers, family assistants, educators and teachers from both the elementary school and nursery. The middle school students receive extra help in mathematics and physics. The results of the first semester of the school year were satisfying. Our evaluation of the results has helped us make specific recommendations to help certain students, and, also, an orientation specialist has begun working with our mothers and their children to help the children plan their futures.

In addition to school, a great importance was given to extracurricular activities. We are very proud to have formed a female football team that participated in local and regional competitions with encouraging results. Also, Touria and Mourad, the village’s 2 young track and field stars, won medals in every competition they took part in, which brought us all much joy. Finally, the tae kwon do continues to attract a large number of children and the number of registrations at the local club keeps growing.

In order to help encourage the integration of our children and a positive atmosphere in the village, several morning activities were organised by our children in collaboration with other local associations at the local youth centre. Also, we organised trips to local historical monuments and other sites in the region.

In our educational workshops, several programs are being run to develop our children’s talent in the areas of music, art and drawing, sports and manual activities.

Currently, projects related to raising awareness of children’s rights and environmental protection are occupying both the younger and the older children of the village. Studies are being conducting to analyse the needs of the region in each domain and an action plan is being put into place with the help of other local associations. 

In January, half of the SOS mothers took part in a training programme at the SOS Children’s Village in Agadir. This programme is being followed up to make sure the recommendations are followed.

As part of an exchange programme, we welcomed a group of 26 Belgian middle school students with whom our children had been penpals. Another group of 3 Spanish university students are spent 3 weeks working in our school and kindergarten. We are currently organising a trip for 8 adolescents to the SOS Children’s Village in Oberoi, France in July.

Also, the search for the biological families of our children continues, and 3 children were recently able to meet their families for the first time. These very emotional meetings took place in the village.

As we write, the preparations for the end of the school year and 20th anniversary celebrations are being finalised. Also, our children are getting ready to go to summer camp and the youths our looking for summer internships.

Despite the global economic crisis, our village continues its noble mission thanks to the support and special efforts made by all our friends here in Morocco and around the world. We must take advantage of this occasion to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.