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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Igarassu, Brazil

Sponsored child from Igarassu
Sponsored child from Igarassu

A child sponsorship report from Igarassu in Brazil. Written in 2009.

Dear child sponsors,

It is a really pleasure for us can share with you some positive happenings in 2009. For 2010 we want to retake the challenge of developing a methodology which unite socio-pedagogical activities, creating positive opportunities for our children and teenager to develop their physical, mental, moral, and spiritual skills according to the Children’s and Adolescents' Rights.

Enjoying vacation

January is our summer school vacation time. Time to let routine out of our lives to spend days playing, going to amusement parks, country club, zoo, and beaches, seeing sights of the city and going to bed late at night.

Besides these activities, there were cultural workshops focusing on local culture in which ones children and teenagers could learn having fun at the same time.

'’It is really good here because our SOS aunts take us to the amusement park, beach, and lots of other places where we can play.” (R. R. N. - 10 years old

I like vacation because we have plenty of time to play football and play with our friends.” (J.V.S.B. - 7 years old)

Enlarging actions 

We have increased the number of beneficiaries (children and teenagers) assisted in the Community Centres supported by SOS Children's Village Igarassu through a partnership with Bonfim Community, a nearby district.

We started April working in a new space named Associação Cultural de Crianças e Adolescentes e Familiares em Igarassu (Igarassu Children, Adolescents, and Families Cultural Centre). Daily socio-pedagogical activities aim to promote self-esteem through identification and valorization of their acquaintances and experiences, besides fomenting healthy gender and ethno-racial relationships with talking circles, readings, telling stories, and crafts works. In addition, we do actions to promote family, women empowerment, and community policies.

Here in the Project we learn lots of things and after that we can teach our family at home.” (C. T. P. - 10 years old)

I like this project because everything I learn here I teach my mother, besides I can play with my friends.” (J. M. S. - 9 years old)   

2009 was highlighted not only for the increasing number of beneficiaries, but also for the enlargement of socio-pedagogical activities offered by our Organization together with local partners. Our intention was, and is, to make opportunities for children, adolescents and their families from rural communities, which have difficult access to almost everything, take part in the proposed activities.

Also we increased the number of activities focused on competencies development, knowledge, and valorization of pop culture through dance workshops and plays.

Before this project we lived playing on the streets, only causing problems to our mother. But now we come here to learn.” (G. P. S. - 11 years old)

I like the Village because here is different from the other orphanages. Here we learn to respect people and lots of other things, besides we can study, play, take a walk and be happy." (C. - 12 years old)

June Parties 

Despite this party be celebrated all over the country, it is more intense in our region due to its strong meaning for us since June is a month in which we pay homage to three Catholic Saints: Saint John, Saint Anthony and Saint Peter. As northeast is largely arid these festivals not only coincide with the rainy seasons of most states in the northeast but they also provide the people with an opportunity to give thanks for the rain.

Children and teenagers celebrate these festivities with respect and fun, playing games, dancing quadrilha [like square dancing], and eating lots of typical food like corn, hominy, cuscus, and pop-corn.

Constructing SOS Social Centre

The construction of SOS Social Centre Igarassu started this second semester and probably will be concluded by December. In 2010, we intend to assist 250 children and adolescents from the local community who are in high social vulnerability. SOS Children's Village Igarassu co-workers are integrating efforts to develop a kind of work that contributes to social protagonism, focusing on actions to rescue and strengthen family and community bonds, as well as citizenship process of children/adolescents and their family group through services offered by our Organization or municipal district.

Working with families

Keeping on the work done last year within Re-Aprender Project we have decided to enlarge it including social-vulnerable families from Boa Vista community, Igarassu suburb. All actions are focused on rescuing and strengthening family and community bonds, besides breaking the poverty cycle.

To do so, Project has been structured in two parts, first driven to build groups that will be a reference point of learning and sharing of knowledge and experiences on effectiveness and citizenship; the second one involves actions that can help these families to generate revenue through workshops that offer techniques to create something to sell.

During the first semester, 20 women from Boa Vista Community had the chance to take part in the beginner module of culinary course named Party Set, which aims to produce and commercialize candies and appetizers to several events, like birthday parties.
Now in the second semester, we have enlarged the number of participants for the second module of culinary course. Also we have started to work with families from Bonfim Community, where we offer textile painting course for 20 women.

Assuring the Right to family and community life

Despite the number of children and adolescents within our programmes has been increasing, we cannot forget the increasing number of those ones who were reintegrated to their birth family or adopted in 2009. Currently we have 11 SOS homes housing 92 children and adolescents. During all year, we have worked together with the Childhood and Youth Judgeship among other organs that are part of the Rights Systems to promote the Children’s and adolescents’ Right to a health family and community life. Thus we have 18 children/adolescents who returned to their families; 14 of them were reintegrated to their birth families and still are supported by our Organization and 4 were adopted.

Summer holidays

Ends of the year brings us Holiday Season and the so expected summer vacation after a year dedicated to school activities and projects. Here in Brazil, winter school vacation is in July and summer goes from December to January in almost all regions. During this time children can play, go for a walk and stay awake until late. Also this time, there are cultural workshops focusing on local culture in which ones children and teenagers can learn having fun at the same time.

I like vacation because our SOS mother takes us for a walk.” (T.Q.F. -9 years old)

It’s so nice to live here in the village because here we can study and take vocational courses which will help us to get a job after we leave the village. And during the vacation we can play and go for a walk.” (W.S.L. -14 years old)

We are eternally grateful for your care, support and aid. People like you make all the difference on the lives of our children. May the year coming keep our faith and hope of a better future.

Antonio Correia da Silva Jane Laurinda e Silva Márcia L. Bertoletti
Village Director