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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Huehuetoca, Mexico

Sponsored child from Huehuetoca
Sponsored child from Huehuetoca

A child sponsorship report from Huehuetoca in Mexico. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors

Receive a strong embrace from the Estado de México, addressing you to express our thankfulness for your generous support to the eleven families that nowadays shape the village. It is a great pleasure to announce the most important events that the 105 boys, girls and youths who shape the community performed, whom satisfactorily completed the school cycle; especially Jesus who obtained a recognition for being the best of the class.

First of all we inform you that, luckily, the families haven't been affected by the influenza virus, nevertheless, the all necessary measures and actions were taken to avoid an epidemiological outbreak inside the village. Unfortunately not everybody enjoy a good health, such is Juanito's case, who suffered facial paralysis owed to the stress generated in the school, he was in time and properly treated and fortunately he's doing excellent nowadays.

Following with the sports skills development I can tell you the soccer team “Pumas Aldeas” keeps promoting the physical and social skills of the village's kids and the community's as well; in these days they're competing in their fifth tournament, hoping to taste victory once again. The football team “Conquistadores de Huehuetoca”, made up mainly by youths form the external community keeps training in the Village's facilities, playing their games every Sunday and has arisen feelings of participating and training, with the sole objective of improving their sports skills.

A children's and youth's rights campaign was done in the municipality and, in parallel a citizen query about the economical, social-cultural and environmental rights was done; which allowed us to analyze perception of the young people and know their needs, hoping that the next year we can implement projects to improve their development.

As every year, time and resources were invested in the mom's training so this time advising was offered to them to promote the integral development of the girls and boys. Thanks to workshops, mothers acquired tools to handle the sexuality issues of their children and to promote their rights.

In the course of the last six months of the year we have had ups and downs beneath the village's community, which provoked opposite feelings. On the one hand we the happiness of receiving three girls and a boy who came to houses 4 and 6; they seem happy and are adapting properly; on the other side the reincorporation of Brenda with her biological mother. Finally, I have the difficult task to inform you that after almost two years of hard work I have to leave the direction of the village for personal reasons.

Year 2009 is about to conclude and we will celebrate it with the traditional 'posada' , hoping this year had been generous with you and your closest ones,  we certainly hope that such generosity keeps inhabiting within your heart and next year comes with even more joy and happiness.

Yours Truly
Víctor Manuel García Miranda