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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Hatyai, Thailand

Sponsored children from Hatyai
Sponsored children from Hatyai

A child sponsorship report from Hatyai in Thailand. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend,

Christmas and New Year season has been approaching, children and mother are cheerfully decorating their houses with fantasy colorful paper and cleaning house surrounding,  'May the year 2010 bring inspiration and happiness to you and your family'.

At present, we have 132 children; 116 boys and girls living in SOS Children's Village Hatyai and 16 teenaged boys living at SOS Youth House Hatyai.  Most of our children are healthy, only a few of them get cold when changing climate, and some of them got small accident from play.   New born-baby and 5 years children received vaccination, the older ones met dentist.   We are happy that the school record in each level of our children were at rather good average, we could see some improve of the ones who were weak from last term, and  we still give support and promote in extra tutorial classes, adding with arts-learning, Thai traditional dance, native musical, basketball, football, and the aerobics which is the most joyful time for children and mothers to relax.

-SOS-Day 23 June 2009, for this year, it was a very special time since we celebrated 60 Anniversary of SOS establishment, SOS family always caring model, 'Mother, brother& sister, house and village' concept.  This morning  mother and children helped together cooking offering to 9 Buddhist monks at lunch-time before the monks returned to the temple, they bless and sprinkle holy-water for everyone.   In the afternoon the children enjoyed with indoor games, drawing competition, football and basketball matches VS our neighbors. 

-SOS family Hatyai made a religious ceremony at a local temple on 'Buddhist Lent Day', 8th July 2009, we offered the Buddhist yellow robes and other necessities things to the monks for using in 3 month-period.  The traditional Buddhist Lent was an annual rainy season retreat in Thailand, in ancient time most of Thai people were farmers, to avoid unnecessary travel during this period all monks spent 3 months in permanent dwelling, because they might destroy the young-plants of the farmers by accidentally step on when travelling.   The activities at the temple are, molding giant candle for 3 month using, listened to Buddhism sermon, received precepts from monks, then attended a three-round candle procession around the temple for making meditation and peaceful in mind while walking.

-In Thailand, on 12 August of every year, we celebrated the National Mothers' Day, as it is the birthday of our Majesty the Queen SIRIKIT.   For our SOS family it is the most important day among the year.   The day expresses itself on what the great SOS mothers have been dedicating their life to our children.   At SOS Hatyai, this year the children and mothers had a good time together on a beautiful beach in Songkhla province, small children had a great fun with making sand-castle, swimming and moving in sea-wave, teenage girls and boys really enjoyed on banana boats and riding on unique bicycles.  Before returned home, altogether lighted the candles and sang a royal song to the Queen with whole country at 19:19.  We saw very beautiful fireworks on the sky at this celebration.

-A Training & Take Action about 'Child Right & Child Protection Policy' was provided on 24-26 September 2009, from this meeting we could see warm atmosphere among brothers & sisters while expressing their feeling and while sharing their experience, WE understand each other more and more, we learned a lot on how the children think, how SOS mothers think and how the staffs think.  We could align for the way forwards from this feedback.

Yours sincerely,  

Mrs. Wantana Sethadej    

Sponsorship Coordinator    

SOS Children’s Villages Thailand