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Children in Mexico face violence on the street and in the home. On average, two children under the age of 14 have been murdered each day for the past two and a half decades. We work in eight key locations to ensure as many Mexican children as possible grow up in a safe family environment. … more about our charity work in Mexico

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Hampolol in Mexico

Sponsored Children from Hampolol
Sponsored Children from Hampolol

A child sponsorship report from Hampolol in Mexico. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

As always it is a real pleasure to greet you. It is my desire to keep you informed about the most relevant events of our community.

The families have lived through some difficulties, but when sorrow is carried by several shoulders, weighs less, as we confirmed it by facing jointly the situation in which a girl and a boy, members of the same family, contracted the fearsome virus of human influenza. Situation in which the community answered in an active way by becoming informed, and taking preventive measures to avoid an epidemic inside the program. Everybody at the community, offer their support to the afflicted family.

Another event made evident the love and level of union that characterize the members of the families, was when Jose Julián, an 8-year-old restless little child, fractured his arm, doctors indicating strict resting, to which, several families of the village offered their time and cares in order to get an early recovering. Not even two months had passed from the accident when Jose Julián fractured a foot, and again had to keep absolute rest. Oddly, the same day, his mom hurt herself a foot also, getting the unconditional support of the community, once again. Around those days, one of the entrusted aunts also fractured a foot, her neighbors filling her with support and attentions.

During the summer vacations, boys, girls, youths and mothers participated in several courses, everybody's artistic and sport spirit sprouted, as each family chose, according to their interests, the courses in which they would take part. On weekends, families organized long walks to the beautiful nearby beaches. The young ones visited several archaeological sites and had great times during the light and sound events displayed in the zones.

In the village there are some stable mothers who have devoted a great part of their lives to their children, and to this beautiful labor, therefore, this year we prepared an emotive celebration to honor Esther who fulfilled 15 years of service as an SOS mother, offering an elegant dinner accompanied of a trio that entertained the great party.

In spite of the difficulties we face daily because of the village's location, as  we do not possess the basic services in the community, a high percentage of boys, girls and youths passed the school year with excellent grades, proof of their effort, willingness, and a drive for self-improvement.

Our year's major achievement is the families' stability and the consolidation of the community, as we proposed to begin with the culture of the good treatment, topic in which families have involved through different strategies: as a campaign of 3 days with workshops led by specialists in different specialties (psychology, religion, pedagogy and health); later quality circles were formed to improve the attention of girls, boys and youths, to whom we work for. Likewise, children of different ages participating in workshops with the same topic, this is one real achievement! as this initiative has allowed us to enjoy our community as a space where harmony and solidarity reigns.

With no doubt I can assure we have been favored with countless blessings, being our most sincere desire that your life is also full of happiness and blessings.

Y O U R S  F A I T H F U L L Y,
Lic. Sandra María García Flores
SOS Children’s Village Hampolol Director