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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Guarda, Portugal

Sponsored child from Guarda, Portugal
Sponsored child from Guarda, Portugal

A child sponsorship report from Guarda in Portugal. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

With our friends from the Porto SOS Village on the last day of a summer vacation

Thanks to your help our SOS village has the possibility to continue supporting children and helping them building their future.

The summer was full of activities, we spent in July two weeks in Aguda a beach near Porto and another two weeks in Meco this last place is where the SOS Village has a summer camp. This two last weeks were very happy times because we divide the installation with the village of Gulpilhares and this was very good for the kids to have other children to play around. After this the days were spent in the village playing in the swimming pool and going to the river, also we organize some cultural activities in the local museums. One family house spent two full weeks in the Algarve where they had the chance for more beach time, this was a most important moment because this is a mother that is in the village for only one year and with this initiative the kids comment that they felt has a real family and so we also rejoice with them.

After the summer it comes always a very happy time for the kids wich is the beginning of the school time they were very enthusiastic not only because of the new school materials but also because of meeting the friends that they didn’t saw during the summer time. Also for the youngsters was a very different beginning of a school year due to the new stages of the school way they started new school formations one is learning how to be a dentist assistant another is studying to become a social helper for needed people and one is studying for a social animator the be working with disadvantage kids our older people. Others continue their normal school time and also the sport activities.

This year we didn’t had the chance to receive more kids because we don’t have new mothers and the family houses that we have are with a lot of kids. But we are hoping that some of the youngsters leave the village and start manage their own lives and there are some that already express that wish so we are helping them on that way.

I take this chance also to wish you an all your family and friends a very happy Christmas and a very best new year

I hope that this letter helps you to see how our village is developing. We also like to hear from you from a letter that you can send directly for the village director and dedicated to the kids.

Thanks again for all your support.

Best regards

Village Director

Mário Rui Baudouin