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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Gode, Ethiopia

Sponsored children from Gode
Sponsored children from Gode

A child sponsorship report from Gode in Ethiopia. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

It is time to send you our super gratitude accompanied by best wishes of a Merriest Christmas and a Happiest New year from the big family at SOS Children’s village Gode. We are always in short of words to express our appreciation for your contribution to the activities we do in the village and affiliated facilities. 

The SOS Children's Village

The family in the village is doing very well. In the effort made to feel the vacant places in the family houses, the village admission team intensively worked in two neighboring localities. Following this, eight new children are admitted and the village has become a home for 123 children. To make the newly admitted children adapt and acquaint with the village life, there were socialization works run by the mothers, the social worker and village director. Consequently, the children have become very stable and contented with their new families.


In the completed academic year, all the school going children from the village are promoted to their respective next grade level. This 100% promotion is a remarkable achievement when compared to the first semester, which was 97.5% pass. Some of the strategies undergone to enhance this academic performance were special coaching for low achievers, night study program, academic target setting (ATS) and full functioning of clubs that are directly related to education. What was more interesting was that among 41 school-going children, 21 of them have ranked 1 to 10. On the other hand, 33 of the nursery kids completed their studies and graduated with a warm ceremony in July.

Meanwhile, in acknowledgement of the contributions of village co workers in the academic success of the students, SOS mothers and three tutorial class educators, are awarded with different prizes. 

Vacation Time

Throughout the months of July and August, our village has carried out different educational program, recreational trips and club activities to help the children spend their long vacation time more wisely.

All the village children from grade 2 and above visited the Gode town detention centre in last July. The visit aimed at creating awareness among the children about law, order, and consequences of violation of laws. During the visit the children raised many question to the prison authority and through the explanations they have learned a lot about prison and law. At the end of the visit; the children also provided soft drinks and biscuits to the prisoners.

In another development, all grade one and nursery students made a recreational trip to one of the rural villages of Gode town. The scenes of the rural area made the kids very excited and widen their understanding about the surrounding.

Apart from these, there were different club activities in which the children participated according to their interest. The environmental protection club made an intensive cleaning campaign in all the village facilities. The peer group reading and study promotion and art clubs arranged competition among their respective members and awarded the winners.

Furthermore, the social worker arranged sport competitions in football, volley ball and the local game called “shah”. In the competitions the children enjoyed the games and showed their competitive talent in both sex. Besides, the newly introduced games like Table Tennis, Dart and Cheese games were found to be interesting by most of the children in the village. To make the children familiar with the games the social worker gave them some lesson on how to play the games.

The village has also arranged educational packages for the vacation time that embraces all school-going children. These are the spoken English private class which continued from the summer season holding 17 grown ups, a basic computer training for grade 4 and above children, basic English class for grade 2 and 3, and Somali language class for grade 1 kids.


On the other hand, different trainings and awareness creation programs were held in the village. To enhance mothers’ awareness about the indicators and consequences of menopause, the mothers’ development head conducted training in August. Moreover, orientation on mail postal system which focuses on collection and delivery of mail has also been given for grade 3 and above children. Similarly, basic awareness creation on the transmission and prevention of HIV\AIDS was conducted for all mothers, aunts and grown up children by the medical center staff.

In addition, an external psychologist gave psychosocial training to mothers, aunts, and grown up children.
Meanwhile, our Village Director and Social Worker successfully completed their leadership training that lasts for five sessions in two years and received certificate.

Other worth mentioning event at the village was the celebration of SOS day. It was very colorful that all the village community and invited guests from different organizations attended. Moreover, the songs, cultural dance, and drama presented by the village children thrilled and excited the attendants.

SOS School and Nursery

In the completed academic season, the SOS School has accomplished different works for the benefit of both village and community children. Previously as the school has implemented different programs to enhance the quality of education, better achievements have been attained in all subject areas. Evidently, more than 90% of the students (both from the village and the surrounding community) have promoted to their next grade level.

For the new academic year, the school has planned to do more on the quality of education. It has also planned to raise the total number of students to 365; out of these, the school will hold 260 and the nursery enrolls about 100 kids. Furthermore, our school has opened grade 8 in the new academic year. Besides, it has installed ventilations for each classroom in the new academic year. This will improve the very hot condition of the classrooms.

The school parents’ day was a nice celebration at the school. Some of the events of the day include lovely songs by the graduates, certification and reward of higher ranked students. Nevertheless, what add more color to the day was the presentation of cultural dance (Burambur) and drama by talented children.
SOS Medical Centre

SOS medical centre Gode continued to provide its services to the village and local community. The number of beneficiaries has increased following the previous implementation of new services, the number of beneficiaries reached about 1000 per month. Particularly, the start of 24 hours of ambulance service solved a critical problem often observed in remote areas like Gode.

Currently, the center launched a new program known as Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT). This program enables all pregnant women in the area to have counseling and testing of HIV/AIDS before and during birth and referral for HIV positive mothers for Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART) drugs. Currently, the center is working in collaboration with the Gode hospital in many areas to the extent of sharing staff and medical equipments. Despite very encouraging works in the center, there are factors such as shortage of some medical supplies and unavailability of important medicines which hinders much of the effectiveness of the center.

We wish you again, the nicest Christmas and a New Year that brings all the comforts, joy and laughter you have ever wished. Thank you for everything you are doing for us!

Sincerely Yours,

Mustefa Haji (Mr.)                            
Village Director, Gode