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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Go Vap, Vietnam

Sponsored child from Go Vap
Sponsored child from Go Vap

A child sponsorship report from Go Vap in Vietnam. Written in 2009.

Dear  Sponsors,

Together with welcoming Christmas and New Year.  We would like to take this chance to express our gratitude to you who are always sharing and staying side by side with us to bring our children apeaceful life. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your beloved ones A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Warm Home for Many Children

The overview of children's numbers: With a quantity of 20  family houses at the village, an SOS youth house for big boys . From the beginning until today, the SOS-Children's Village Go Vap has taken care of 368 children, 140 of them left the village and have shift for themselves , 228 are living in the SOS families and in the youth houses .

Children's development and change during the period: at the beginning of this year,  thirty grown-up boys and girls left the village for self-reliant life. Eighteen children were admitted to the SOS families. Our target of having 10 children per SOS family. At present only 8 children per each family. The village has played an important purpose to achieve in next year, to receive more needy children. We keep studying other cases to offer more children, new opportunities to have a family. We will receive 40 new children soon after completing all procedures.

A letter from the daughter to her mother

In this Newsletter, we publish a quotation from a girl’s letter to her mother with kind permission of the girl and her mother.

"My dear mother

You might have so much surprised when receiving this letter. Are you surprised ? Perhaps I have so many things that I want to share with you in this letter. I wonder when I should start telling.

Do you remember a Lunar New Year celebration happened 17 years ago ? On the eve of the New Year every family exploded firecrackers with loud noise and your dear daughter could walk by herself, more than that I could run to your room and shouted ‘Mum ! Mum!’ because of fear of loud noise exploded by firecrackers in front of our house.

I could remember many things. For example, you taught me songs which you composed by yourself like this : ‘Mum, I love you, I love youbest, gift  is given to your daughter ,“kiss” me all day long’, you want me to sing this song all the  time. Do you know that I sometimes didn’t like to sing, but I kept singing for you to feel happy.

Icould also remember characters of each  brother and sisters. Sister Hai was beaautiful,sang well but had temper tantrums. Sister Ba also had temper tantrums, but cooked well and capable of doing every things. Sister Nam was very slim, but kind. She was ready to give me what she had. Sister Bay was so quiet,  but rather stubborn. Four brothers Tu-Sau-Tam-Ti were restless. They were the ‘four problem brothers’ in our family. Do you know there was one thing which I knew but you didn’t know that all my brothers and sisters were given nicknames. I will not let you know about the nicknames of the siblings,  but my nickname. It was ‘Diem Cu Let’. I don’t know what does ‘Cu Let’ mean, but it sounds funny. Previously our family had four sisters who helped you do  housework, four brothers taught me-the youngest sister all things.I felt like to play with the four brothers.  Brother Tam taught me how to play handball with sticks. Brother Sau played marbles with me, of course I was always the loser. Brother Ti taught me how to climb trees. Brother Tu taught me how to play football. Mum, in our family  I was pampered by you and other brothers and sisters. I always respect this so I want to be the youngest daughter forever.

Do you know that I promise myself  to study hard for my better life. I will build a house and invite you to live with me. It is my goal.

I think of the future way I have  selected and I have to step on my own foot without you and other brothers and sisters ? But I must step it that right Mum ? Because it is my life. I promise you and brothers and sisters I will survive and head up strongly. You, brothers and sisters are my spiritual base. I am thankfull for giving me more confidence and dynamics to face coming difficulties.

Mum ! I am always beside  you forever."

Club for children and activities

There are some clubs  held in the village now. ‘Football club’ and ‘skillful club’ are the most outstanding ones. ‘Football club’ attracts many teenagers in Village. At the weekend and in every afternoon, they excitedly play football with one another. They are practicing football very hard and look forward to taking part in" Lotus Steel Cup" to be held next year. One boy of our village was chosen to the City football team. He will go to Thailand for friendly match in this December
‘Skillful club’ is a useful yard for female children. They are taught to make flowers from many different materials, crafts from clay, painting various topics...  All of them want their products are selected to make exhibition on 20th - year celebration anniversary of our Village in January/2010. To mark the 20th anniversary of SOS Children’s Village Go Vap (January 1990-2010) . A big event will be held in the village with the presence of  the President SOS Children International,all village directors and board of Directors SOS VietNam. This will be an opportunities for us to look back and withdraw experience after 20 years carrying out the SOS mission.

In September, children had the happiness to enjoy a very exciting Mid Autumn Festival at the village. It’s really the special festive day of our children. In the evening, they got beautiful clothes and enjoyed a very special music program. Especially, they were treated a cake party together.

Academic performance

The result of children’ academic performance at the beginning of the school year is good . As always, the educators are in charge of talking to kid ages from 13 to 15 to find our their wishes and their thought on what they may want to do later. Then together with the school, we gives them some skills to be able to look for the most essential information (from newspapers, internet, documents listed in the school libraries ).

As for our 35 boys and girls at universities, colleges and vocational training centers, they are studying far from the village, usually they have to face a lot of challenges and snares, but none of them are discouraged. Monthly we receive their reports with heartening progress.

This year, five more youngsters of the village graduated from university, professional colleges and vocational schools. With the effective help from the mothers, coworkers and the great effort of the children themselves, all of them found suitable places to work, and moved to the period of "Semi-independent program". Of course the village will continue to give them financial help until they terminate three years of the ‘semi-independent program’.

Child care by Mothers and Aunts

There are 20 mothers and 6 aunts now. 20 mothers are living with children in family houses. 6 aunts are living in community house. Next year, 4 mothers will be retired, four of 6 aunts will be selected to mothers and they will start their new duty in new family houses. For mothers and aunts, they have been trying to conduct their duties well with their love and the highest responsibility. Children's maturity day after day always bring happiness to them.

The Youth House

The house is bigger and bigger. Since August this year , two boys from the village have been moved to the house. This has made the number of boys up to 68. The house manager and educators often hold sport games and events to attract them to join. This is considered to be the best way to manage their free time so that they could avoid bad effects from outside society.


Locating next to the village, SOS Nursery is always a good example for local nurseries. In September 2009, the school started the new school year with a total of 190 children. This number doesn't change during the school year. The good quality both in children’s teaching and care is the main factor that helps the school to gain the confidence of pupils' parents. Teachers have continuously improved and upgraded the quality of daily meals by designing the suitable menus. They have paid topmost concentration on food safety in cooking meals. As a result, most of children have put on weight and none of them suffered from food poisoning.

Above mentioned information is what have happened in the SOS Children’s Village Go Vap that we would like to share with you. We highly appreciate and respect your generous support for our children. Once again, we wish you and your family.

A Merry Christmas and Good Luck and Great Success for a Productive Year to come!

Yours Sincerely,

Nguyễn Văn Trừng
SOS Children’s Village Gò Vấp