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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Ganja, Azerbaijan

Sponsored child from Ganja
Sponsored child from Ganja

A child sponsorship report from Ganja in Azerbaijan. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsor,

Before starting to tell about our activities and achievements, we want to thank you for your care, help, support, attention and for all you are doing for our children. Thanks to you, our families live in peace, happiness and improved welfare. Every time there is feeling of pleasure to report about the development and progress of the village.

At present SOS CV Ganja is a home of 51 children. Newly admitted children have passed the adaptation period successfully with feeling of self-defense, confidence and respect. Children actively attend Art & Craft Centre of the Village with great interest and motivation: Azerbaijan Youths and Sport Ministry organized the exhibition and sale of children’s works.

Summer has gone with full of remarkable events. All Village inhabitants spent one month on the seaside enjoying the sea, beauty of nature and the Sun!

In June children and mothers participated in many trainings such as “Sexual development of Children”, “Human Trafficking” organized by Lawyer Women Association of European Commission. Later in July the Village doctor organized training about First Aid.

6 children started school this year with full of energy and enthusiasm. They all are willing to learn and go to school with great desire. Moreover, overall academic learning of Village children is considerably improved. Babek, who is the student of Turkish Lyceum, rejoiced us with great achievements. Actually, he studies very well, his attitude toward physical education has changed, and Babek expanded his physical skills and won the first place in the volleyball competition. He sings very well and takes an active part in the Lyceum-student life.

September was also memorable with another event. SOS Children’s Village Ganja and Azerbaijan Open Fun Football Schools celebrated the UN International “Peace One Day”. Children got T-shirts, badges, caps and so on within the frame of “Bon Bon Cup”. The event inspired all Village children!

4 children from SOS Children’s Village Ganja were announced as the winners of “Things Talk” project in Azerbaijan and now they got the chance to go to Denmark to participate in the great culmination of the “Things Talk- Children, Climate Change and Waste Art” project in December. The purpose of the camp is to let children all over the world meet and discuss the problem of climate change on their term. The winners are so pleased and creatively motivated!

Village pedagogue and psychologist often visit schools and nurseries in order to be aware of children’s behavior, learning capability.

At the end, I want to thank you for your constant attention and support.

Wishing you all the best and success,

Nasimi Alekperli

Director of SOS Children’s Village Ganja