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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Gandaki, Nepal

Sponsored child from India
Sponsored child from India

A child sponsorship report from Gandaki in Nepal. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

At first, it is our great pleasure to extend hearty best wishes on the auspicious occasion of MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! We have come to you through this letter on the latest happenings in our project and its associated facilities as they always give us another opportunity to forward our gratitude. All the progress and step we take has always been backed by you who deserve the credit of our success. We always feel pleased to inform you that our children are doing fairly well. It is our way of repaying your kind deeds. It is also a great satisfaction to see them grow happy and healthy. They are all very well except for minor illness at times.  All of them are in perfect health and attending their schools peacefully and happily. Your support has enabled us in bringing qualitative changes into the lives of our children by providing them with different opportunities and possibilities to grow up like any other children from a normal family. 

SOS Children's Village: A Home for Many Children

SOS Children's Village Gandaki completed 32 years of service for orphaned, destitute and needy children in a perfect child centered family based environment for 481 children. So far, it has brought up, educated and trained and successfully integrated 259 children. They all are self-sustained and successfully settled down in their respective communities with a full sense of respectful and useful members of their communities. Many of them have been working in highly paid responsible posts in and abroad lands, many of them in Gulf countries, some others in USA, UK, Australia, India and other European countries. Presently we have 272 children and youth in SOS Children's Village Gandaki and its Youth Facilities in our direct intensive care. Among them, 22 have moved to the Youths facilities from the village and the same number moved into rented rooms from youth facilities. 20 new children admitted into the village. They all are nicely settled in different family houses and enjoying normal family based cure, care and concern with full sense of security and protection. They were warmly welcomed by the children, mothers and aunts with a small ceremony that made them feel at home. It is very pleasing to see that they are already comfortably adjusted and become a part of SOS Children's Village family. They have also joined their respective studies in the nursery and primary classes.

As usual we organized different activities in the village such as village picnic on the occasion of Nepali New Year. Our village organized one day basic orientation Program on SELECTING LIFE PARTNER AND ITS LEGAL ASPECTS for senior girls. 28 senior girls participated in the program. We also organized "one day child right awareness" program to the SOS Hermann Gmeiner scholarship receiving children from the neighboring communities. National festivals, Dashain and Tihar were celebrated with great joy. Dashain is regarded as the victory upon rights to evil thoughts and demons. And Tihar is the festival of brothers, sisters, animals and birds which come upon every day life. In this festival, we worship them all to maintain harmony and express our gratitude for their help in our culture and eco-system. There are more than 80% who follow this culture in Nepal. Sisters worship their brothers and brothers worship their sisters on this special day. We think this festival adds further importance to strengthen family relationship as per the expectation of SOS principle. And the most important festive occasion for us was the visit of Mr. Helmut Kutin, the President of SOS Children's Villages International accompanied the team of donors and reporters in September. His presence always encourages us to be sincere and do best on behalf of children in fact.

Academic Performance

We have continued working hard in advancing our children with quality education. Among 134 children,68 boys and 66 girls attending SOS School Gandaki, all of them came out of overall outstanding academic achievements in the latest first term exam. All the children are doing fairly nice while 7 of them are with in the best rank in their respective classes, 20 of them who used to be lagging behind have been gradually picking up. Our children, doing pre-university courses from SOS School Gandaki and other colleges in various disciplines is highly encouraging as well. This year, 17 children (14 boys and 3 girls) did school graduation in good first division from our school and now they are doing pre-university course in various disciplines from various institutions. Morning shows the day, they all successfully passed pre-university first year's exam. 25 youths both boys and girls are staying in SOS Youth Facility and doing university courses (bachelor's and Master's degree) in various disciplines from various universities is encouraging.

School Gandaki

SOS Higher Secondary School Gandaki is running with 879 pupils and fifty nine teachers and administrative staff. In School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination conducted by the Government of Nepal in 2009, pupils from this school secured outstanding results. Out of 82 pupils who appeared in the SLC, 20 secured distinction and rest of all passed in first division with excellent marks. Now they are studying in SOS Secondary Schools and different private colleges according to their wills and capacity. Result published from higher secondary Board of Nepal for grade 11 was outstanding for us. Out of 83 who appeared to the exam from our school, 40 got distinction and 42 passed with first division 1 in second division and 2 of them couldn't get through. Thus the school has been keeping up the tradition of excellence in the national level exams like SLC, Grade XI and Grade XII Board exams.

We had organized periodic activities to our students in school such as Annual school sports Meet 2009, Farewell programme to Grade X and XII students, Annual result cum Arts and Crafts Exhibition and a seminar cum Workshop on "Red Cross Knowledge and Leadership Skills for Youth"

SOS Nursery

We have a well-facilitated Nursery where 95 children are enjoying the Montessori learning method in Nursery classes. All of them are from very poor families; generally they are from single parents. Due to this help their parents can go for work and earn living from the neighboring communities. We have provided all the facility for them including snacks, medical check up as well as medicines free of cost. 

SOS Social Centre

This social center has been able to help more than 680 children, their parents and 62 adult living in dire poverty through its various programs.32 illiterate women of the vicinity attended adult literacy class. 30 poor women received sewing and cutting training through this center and successfully completed the training and now most of them are learning Advance course on sewing and cutting through our help. 29 families with 64 children have been receiving direct Family Help Program to run their families. During this period we helped one family to build house.

Our Social Centre Gandaki has been doing well towards spreading SOS principle and its commitments to public by organizing different training programs such as computer training, sewing and cutting, adult literacy class for communities under privileged women. Including day care and medical facility, we have been providing Hermann Gmeiner scholarship to 680 community children from very poor families to pursue education, especially up to secondary level and even in higher levels to some extent. We are going to continue our support for needy community people in future too so far as possible. Due to the Global economic crisis we couldn't able to launch new programs set and were unable to provide services for our beneficiaries according to FSP Manual 2009 for Nepal. Despite that we continued the previous programs leaving positive and encouraging impact on children, their mothers and the surrounding communities.

Finally, we join all the children, mothers and co-workers in thanking you for your continuous wholehearted support and remain with our best wishes and regards. Again we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!
Yours Sincerely,                                               
Rajendra Regmi

(Assistant Director)