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Much of Chile's considerable national wealth has yet to filter down to the poorest members of society, and many children grow up amid squalor in dangerous shanty towns. We provide a safe, secure family home for the most vulnerable children in 14 locations from northern Arica to Chiloe-Ancud in the south. … more about our charity work in Chile

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Curico, Chile

Sponsored children from Curico
Sponsored children from Curico

A child sponsorship report from Curico in Chile. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors and friends:

Once again, we want to share some news from our SOS village Alejandro Rojas Sierra with you. This SOS village is placed in a city called Curico, about 200 kilometres southerly from Santiago, our capital.

The year started happily with family trips: during the long summer holidays that last from December until the end of February, almost all families travelled to the sea, to places like Pelluhue, Iloca or Pichilemu. The last one is a locality where surfers from all around the world enjoy the wonderful waves. Two families spent 10 days at the summer cottages in the SOS village Bulnes, they had great fun at the swimming pool, and made some unforgettable excursions.  Several children visited their relatives; many of them live far away, in the country side.

Today, there are 107 children and youngsters living in the village, in 12 cosy family houses, surrounded by nice gardens.  Nine children could return to live again with their biological families, because they have solved most of their problems. We are constantly working on strengthening family ties.

Besides the SOS villages, in Chile there are seven SOS social centres, where we are working hard; sheltering children aged from 1 to 5 years old, during 8 hours a day.  But not only the children, we try to help also their parents, mostly lonely mothers. Our goal is to strength family ties and to enthusiasm parents to join different courses that enable them to increase their incomes. In this way, we also avoid children abandonment. 

Seven children were sheltered in the village. Their new families prepared the welcome carefully. They decorated the house, prepared delicious things to eat and new toys were waiting for children, who generally come fear and distrustful. Unfortunately this is not the first change in their short lives. SOS mother’s task is arduous and laborious, but then it is well rewarded when these children are more confident and happier.

We can tell you about Teo, 8 years old, and his younger brother Andrés. The boys came in March to our village, where their 2 siblings were living since last year.   When the children saw each other, they started to run and we saw a big, big hug, and tears. The children felt happy that they could live together again.

There is also Ani, 4 years old, who grew up at a hospital, where she was treated because of undernourishment. She never had a family life before. She is now the queen in her SOS family, plays and laughs: she feels happy.
Mother Gaby feels always touched, when she remembers Luna and her brother, 12 and 11 years old. The children lost their mother under tragic circumstances, and afterwards, they were mistreated by relatives.  After a short time at the SOS village, both decided to call Gaby mother.

A new school year started in March. With proud, we can tell you that Maria Fernanda und Héctor received notebooks, a prize from the Education Ministry, for their excellent school results! 
Our youngsters aged 13 and 14 years are joining different workshops at the SOS village, discussing themes related to their age, mainly self confidence, independence, etc.

This year, and due to the financial crisis, we can not make big investment or purchases for the SOS village. We are managing the resources, which you generously send for our children’s wellbeing, in the best possible rational and careful way.

We are very glad about your support and thank you very much for it.


Nicolas Alfaro