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SOS Children's Villages began caring for orphans in Burundi in 1977, and following the outbreak of civil war in 1993, launched an emergency aid programme in the Muyinga Province of Burundi, for war orphans. This became the third permanent Children's Village, of four today. … more about our charity work in Burundi

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bujumbara, Burundi

Sponsored child from Bujumbara
Sponsored child from Bujumbara

A child sponsorship report from Bujumbara in Burundi

Dear friends,                                     

In this 2009 mid-year, joy falls on us to express you in the name of the whole community of SOS Children’s Village Bujumbura our warm greetings and our sincere thanks for your invaluable support. We grab this opportunity to keep you up to date with major news that happened in our Village and the surrounding community.

The political situation is more and more improving with the integration of the last rebel movement in governmental institutions and there is a window of hope that security is going to last long nationwide. Nevertheless, life conditions that were already deteriorated following the price increase on the market is more and more deteriorating with the world financial crisis. The village is also bearing the brunt of it.

Since January 2009, one child was reunited with his biological family while another one was transferred in an SOS youth community. Thus, the Village is home to 128 children divided up in 13 family houses that counts our Village. Social investigations are in progress to admit other children in order to reach the accommodation capacity of 130 children. The village keeps on with its support to 2 children living in their biological families.

At present, the number of youngsters from our Village amounts stands at 159 of which 1 is pursuing his secondary studies at the SOS Technical High School of Kigali in Rwanda. Likewise, one young girl was resettled. Therefore, we have 23 youngsters in housing looked after. The Village also supports 10 youngsters reunited with their biological families.

Highlights having marked the life of the Village over this semester are the following:
On May 11th, 2009, the village was happy to have a little from Jeanne of the family house 2.

On May 16th, 2009, a bazaar raffle was held and carried out in order to raise funds for furniture renewal of Village family house. This bazaar raffle also aimed at village children and the surrounding community blossoming. The animation of the bazaar raffle was exciting because it saw the participation of the music stars of the capital. Village and the surrounding community artist-children attending our school structures had turned up. The Village young drummers gathered within ' Karyenda SOS Drummers 'club exceptionally ornamented the day.
In the Family strengthening Program, 245 OVCs divided up in 86 households were supported. So as to strengthen capacities handling, an out-of-school girl was trained on sewing with the CFPP partnership, while 3 guardians were trained on culinary art in collaboration with the FVS (Family to Defeat HIV/AIDS). A training on driver education was provided to 17 OVCs. With regard to advocacy, 50 members from the surrounding community and 50 recipients from the program were trained on Child’s Rights.

In the health field, the SOS Medical Centre carried out activities dedicated to mother-to-child health on January 26th and 29th, 2009. To this end, consultations, vaccinations and parasitizing were distributed to infants and pregnant women. These latter were provided with iron. Likewise, chickenpox cases were declared in the surrounding community neighbouring the Village. This latter was not spared of it.

Educationally, children and the youths improved their results. Indeed, in the first term, 83.5% had an average top mark whereas 92.6% got the mark in the second term. This was the result of combined efforts by children and youths themselves and their youth leaders. We intend to speed up the working rhythm in order to end the 3rd term successfully. The little Gloria Flavie who was transferred to Kenya for specialized care is attending the SOS primary school of Nairobi, grade 2 so that she stays close to her physician. She is easily adjusting herself to English and Swahili, learning languages of the country.

The Kindergarten is attended by 23 children from the Village and 163 from the community.
As for the SOS primary school it counts 73 schoolchildren from the Village and 436 from the community. Overall, the school results are very satisfactory. The success reached by the school is 99.22% in the second term against 98.66% in the first term. The school average is 77.49% in the second term against 76.44% in the first term. In order to well sportingly coach schoolchildren, the school is rehabilitating its basketball playground with funding entirely provided by pupils’ parents.

The SOS secondary school of Bujumbura counts 153 SOS youths of whom 49 from the Village and 419 children from the surrounding community. They performed badly because the average grade slightly dropped. It is 61.82% whereas it was 61.93% to the first term.
On the sport front, the handball male team won the final of the interschool championship while handball and basketball female teams were respectively ranked 2nd and 3rd at the same championship.

Dear friend, we reiterate you our sincere thanks for your unflinching support and your kindness.

Warmest regards from all of us,
Damien Pasquet BARINDOGO-Village Director