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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Battambang, Cambodia

Sponsored children from Battambang
Sponsored children from Battambang

A child sponsorship report from Battambang in Cambodia. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

May we also take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thank for your great kind support and encouragement. We would like to inform you about the ongoing activities of SOS Children Battambang

During this year SOS children’s Village Battambang has been developing from day to day. Since inception SOS Children’s Village Battambang received 148-Children up-to now and which there are 79 boys and 69 girls age ranked from 6 months to thirteen years old are living in fifteen family houses. There are six children were admitted at the beginning of this year. They are accustomed and adapted the new environment very quickly and they are currently under our care in the village. Health issue becomes very important for children that draw our attention to need for diseases prevention immunization (Hepatitis B, Measles, small pox, mump, polio Etc) duly completed during the year. SOS mothers tried the best effort to take care of them.

There are 144 children school-aged have been enrolled in different academic stages as 10 children attended in SOS Nursery and Primary level, 125 children (67 boys and 58 girls)-in Sor Hur Secondary School level, 8 children (4 girls and 4 boys) and Preah Monivong High School level, 1 children (1girl). There are 4 children not yet go to school. Beside that we have developed more training program for our children such as English for beginner level, Arts including Chuon Por (blessing) Dancing, Peaceful Dancing and other of Khmer traditional dancing, Music in beginner level and football training. There were sixteen outstanding children sent to study English language at Australia Center for Development, which is a famous English language school in Battambang province, and other forty children studies English in the morning inside SOS village. Moreover, twenty-six children studies Khmer traditional dancing every Tuesday and Sunday. There are sixty-eight children joined football training every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Furthermore, we selected children who is a good player both boy and girl and organized to compete with other children team in Phnom Penh City. They play very good with technical skills; as a result they stand number 2 for this match. This match provides our children with fun, experience and a chance to represent for Cambodian girl football player. In addition, there were two girls went to Lao country to join football competition during a week. This competition is a friendship competition and our team stand number 2.

During vacation all children have enjoyed holiday activities; we organized two trips, one for family trip and other one for outstanding children trip. The family trip went to visit Angkor Wat temple and other interesting places in Siem Reap province which is located 198 kilometers west of Battambang. Angkor Wat temple is one of the seven wonders in the world. All mothers and children had to took around Angkor Wat temple and Bayon temple for the whole morning and then had launch together in afternoon on the top of Baray lack which far away from Angkor Wat temple about ten kilometers away from Angkor Wat. We also organized the trip for outstanding children who got the best result from their school. The trip went to visit Sihanuk Vill in Kampongsom provice about 530 kilometes south from Battambang. We had been there for two days. Whereas in the village, On March 08, 2009 Women’s Day, we organized a small picnic for SOS mothers and children in the evening. We prepared the small food for children and mothers; we had dancing on the green grass in the middle of village until late at night. This party provides us especially our children to congratulate mother day and enjoyable in SOS Village. We try the best effort to take care of the children and your kind help enables us to perform excellent work.

On behalf of all Co-workers, mothers and children, I would like to extend our warm thank and best wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Chea Phon
Deputy National Director
SOS Children’s Villages Cambodia