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Working in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek since 1999 and in Cholpon-Ata, on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, SOS Children's Villages cares for children affected by high unemploeyment and works with families to prevent child abandonment … more about our charity work in Kyrgyzstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2009: Cholponata, Kyrgyzstan

Sponsored children from Cholponata
Sponsored children from Cholponata

A child sponsorship report from Cholponata in Kyrgyzstan. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend!

It is a great pleasure for us to write and greet you again as you are the closest friend of our SOS children. Our work would not be so fruitful without your kind support and help. We do appreciate your kind attention, care and support which you are giving to our children which make their lives happier. That is why I would like to express great gratitude to you on behalf of our SOS children and SOS workers of the Children’s Village. With deep respect we would like to share with you with the latest news and recent developments that have taken place in the SOS Children Village Cholponata during the last 6 month.

SOS Children’s Village Cholponata has been a home for 92 children among whom 73 are presently under our care in the Village, 6 kids among them attend SOS nursery and 66 children attend local school from 1st to 10th grades. And there are 19 youngsters in the Youth Facility where they are studying on their chosen professions.

Significant news: 5 youngsters were transferred to the Youth Facility this year; they all have entered to colleges and universities and are studying on their chosen professions. With pride we can share that Nurzada – Youth Facility youngster entered to Kyrgyz National Medical Academy.

Child admission: 3 new kids were admitted to SOS Children’s Village Cholponata during the reporting period. They found real caring families here. Children have got accustomed to their SOS mothers and to their SOS siblings. One of the new girl’s biological brother was admitted to the SOS Children’s Village Cholponata before that.

Mountain hiking: In the frame of the preparation to independent life and developing the necessary skills, 15 youngsters together with the Village Director made a hike to the mountains. They had lived in tents for three days and learned to cook in open fire, did long hikes and enjoyed gorgeous view and fresh air.

In the frame of the educational budget trainings were held for youngsters of the SOS Children’s Village on such themes as ‘HIV/AIDS prevention’, ‘How to achieve success?’ and many others which were useful for them. Also, in the frame of the Global Peace Games, the football match was organized between the local school team and SOS team. This year SOS team lost the game with the score of 0:1. SOS children were sad that they could not win the game but are full of hope for next year game and are looking forward for it.

Guests/experience exchange: With the initiative of the Village Directors of SOS Children’s Villages Samarkand (Uzbekistan) and SOS Children’s Villages Cholponata, SOS mothers had great opportunity to meet, talk and share with their experiences. 6 SOS mothers of our Village visited SOS Children’s Village Samarkand where they exchanged with experiences, had good rest and also learned about this country, city and culture.
In their turn, SOS mothers of Samarkand SOS Children’s Village visited our Village in summer and were able to see our Village and share with experience. Besides, we organized entertaining parties, trips to places of interest of our town. We hope that they had good impression about our SOS Children’s Village.

On the same initiative, in autumn the rest of our SOS mothers visited ‘SOS Children’s Village Astana’ (Kazakhstan). Our SOS mothers had good impression and experience from such exchange programs. And now we are waiting for SOS mothers from SOS Children’s Village Astana. I think that such exchange of experiences showed us that this idea must be continued.

Participation in the social life of Cholponata community: SOS Children’s Village participates in social activities of town Cholponata always. On 31st of August SOS children and co-workers took part on the parade devoted to the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic.
One more event was the 70th Anniversary of the Issyk-Kul Oblast which was celebrated on September 26 and Village Director was awarded with medal for his great contribution of child-rear and child protection.
On Teachers’ Day celebration, 10 co-workers of the SOS Children’s Village Cholponata were awarded with honor certificates. All above mentioned shows that there is a close connection between SOS Children’s Village and the local community.

SOS Nursery: We are proud of our nursery and that we can call it SOS Nursery.
 5 SOS children attend our nursery in 2009. From the Family strengthening program 8 children attend our nursery for free of charge. Till 2014 their number will increase to 25 children. And from the local community 71 children attend our SOS nursery.

Youth Facility: Our future cooks, accountants, sportsman, designer, tourist agent, florist live in the Youth Facility. They say that they will do their best to be useful for the society and they dream to become sponsors to our SOS Children’s Village Cholponata in the future. We are proud of them very much. They visit us on holidays and on some weekends.

Family strengthening program - this program started its work in 2006. The aim of this project is to help poor families who need help and support. We try our best in making their lives better and we want children of such families have equal opportunities to get good quality education.

Schooling – This project aims to improve the quality of education in local school where SOS children study and 2 nurseries of Cholponata town. Co-workers of SOS Children International together with partners render assistance in material-technical provision to school and kindergartens and din organizing training for teachers and educators. There were many good changes at school and nurseries owing to this project. As you can see, lots of good things happened which would be impossible without your support and help.

At the end of our report, once again we want to say thank you very much! Our congratulations on coming Christmas and New Year 2010! We wish you and your loved ones strong health, happiness, success and all the best. May God’s blessings be upon you!

Yours respectfully,

Mr. Bakyt Abdiev
Village Director