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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Tete, Mozambique

Sponsored children from Tete
Sponsored children from Tete

A report from our Children's Village in Tete, Mozambique. As an SOS child sponsor, you can expect to receive letters like this twice a year, in summer and at Christmas.

Dear SOS Friend and child sponsor,

We are writing to thank you for the help and support you have been handing to SOS Children’s village Tete. The village is in preparation for the forth coming Christmas and New Year festivals which is the happiest season of the year, because we have the chance of communicating with you on issues regarding to the progresses of the Village. But the very special, is to see the progress of the children that you are helping us take care through your permanent support. Believing that this would be the very last time we write you in the present year of 2009, we would like to take the opportunity to address our gratefulness for your continuous support, support that ensure the successful work of SOS – thank you!
It is our sincere hope that this letter gets you while still doing fine in term of health. At the present moment most of the children are enjoying of good health and fortunately they did not experience any critical health problems on all a long of the present year of 2009 even admitting that some of them could not escape from malaria one of endemic disease in Mozambique after AIDS/HIV and Tuberculoses..

Your contributions enable the Village Director and other staff from the village to support the SOS Mothers in their daily work of educating and taking care of the children entrusted to them. It also helps to guarantee the maintenance of the “home” environment, health and the quality of education that the children as well as to plan the free time of the children and other cultural activities.

The SOS Children’s village Tete is currently taking care of 157 children in which, 84 are boys and 73 girls. From the above number 97 are still under primary education that is from grade one to seven at SOS School and 44 under secondary school which is grade 8 to 10 at the same school.

We have 4 children learning at Tete Secondary being in grade eleven all of them being one boy three girls.  The school is allocated four kilometers away from the village. The village van fetches the students from the village to the school and vice-verse. We have 5 children still at SOS nursery preparing for schooling in coming year. Unfortunately we have two problematic children who are not attending school at the moment given that Tete has no special school.

These children are under the loving care of 15 mothers. Within the village we have 1 youth facility where are living 05 girls. These girls are under the guidance of a female Youth Leader. The Village also has one youth facility for boys in which live 19 boys also under care of a Youth Leaders.
In order to entertain the children the village management has been keeping them in different activities such as cultural and sport. As such, the SOS Children’s village Tete has got a female football team composed of children from the family houses and youth facility.
The team has been doing very well all along the year of 2009. The team is ever bringing different trophies in the village.
In the effort of leading the youth towards independent life 15 boys and 9 girls will be transferred soon to the youth hostel.

The SOS nursery has been operating with its full capacity. It carries out toddler program as well as pre-school activities on full day basis taking of both children from the village community.

Also to attend surrounding community, the SOS family strengthening program is maintaining the standard of life for the families that are being assisted. Children who were integrated at community nursery with Portuguese speaking problem they can speak and read. In order to upgrade the standard of living of the beneficiaries and maintain suitability among the beneficiaries the family strengthening program is currently organizing the groups into small scale business so that they could stand on their own.

As a matter of information, the schools closed officially on the last 30 October for those children who are not suppose to write annual examination. The holidays will last on the next 30th January, 2010. The others who attend grades 5, 7, 10 and 12 have already started to write their annual examination on the last 3rd November.

On the other side the youths who have been attending grade 12 are looking forward to join the big queue of entering to university or in case of failing to enter to university they should start looking for employment. Referring that Mozambique has only two public universities. The village management is aware of the employment scarcity within the province and has just budgeted for 2010 for further studies for most of the youths.
The Mothers are in preparation for the coming festivals of Christmas and New Year. The children together with the mothers have already started with decorations of the houses so that they could have a pleasant Christmas.

Yours Sincerely

Jorge Francisco Omar
Village Director