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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Temirtau, Kazakhstan

Sponsored child from Temirtau
Sponsored child from Temirtau

A child sponsorship report from Temirtau in Kazakhstan. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

Another year of interesting life of Temirtau Village, full of various events comes to the end and we would like to share with you the latest news. First of all I would like to stress that thanks to your generous support towards our children and the whole Village everything is going very well.

There are 69 children happily living in SOS Children’s village Temirtau. In April two children - boy and girl (biological brother and sister Dima and Sabira) returned to live with relatives; in May one boy Arslan left the Village with the same reason. In November village admitted one new child - a girl named Taisa who now is successfully getting adapted to a new life with caring SOS mother Valentina.

This year five more children started the first class for the first time and now we have no one child attending nursery. All village children attend schools according to their abilities (private English school, Kazakh music boarding school and 11 common secondary schools).

SOS families get considerable support in frames of standards and principles of SOS-Children's Villages International. Individual development planning process which lets village children and teenagers make important decisions, improve their motivation, etc. is well adjusted in Temirtau village. Also children receive efficient educational support - in current school year all children attend various hobby clubs, art and sport schools.

SOS mothers constantly increase their professional level. In October several mothers attended the courses with deep learning of youth age. Village children are growing and there is a proverb: ‘Small children - small problems; big children - big problems’.  So, SOS mothers should know the psychology of a teenager, his/her problems, wishes and needs.

Summer vacations were also interesting this year: three SOS families spent tree weeks in rest zone ‘Cooperator’ kindly provided by Karagandy Economical University. There is also an out-off-town children’s camp ‘sea gull’ where we organized summer sportive competitions. Also village children attended local lake beach ‘Sunny lagoon’, entertainment park, etc. In August several village teenagers took part in sportive-patriotic game ‘Ulan-2009’.

Dear Friend,
This year was difficult for many countries and many people. SOS-Children's Villages International is also going through difficult times. But we can say:
The world is small as we are told,
But there are people with hearts of gold
With these words we wish to thank your big heart and big hearts of many other people all over the world who support the children. Thank you very much!

May the New Year come with all that the life has in store for you -
Joy, Happiness, Success and Prosperity!
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On behalf of our children and mothers,
Markhabat Omarova                    
Responsible for Sponsorship                
SOS Children’s Villages Kazakhstan