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When Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1998, SOS Children Villages mounted an emergency relief programme providing shelter, food and medicines for over 3000 families. Because of the large numbers of orphans and neglected children left in its wake, a new Village was built in one of the worst affected areas in southern Honduras. The Village has 10 family houses which are home to 90 children … more about our charity work in Honduras

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Sponsored children from Tegucigalpa
Sponsored children from Tegucigalpa

A child sponsorship report from Tegucigalpa in Honduras. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors and Friends:

Receive warm greetings on behalf of all the children and co-workers in the SOS Children Village Tegucigalpa

, also we take this opportunity to inform you about the most important developed activities through the present year.  Also we want to thanks for your constant support in benefit of the children. Through this year we have welcomed 15 children in this village, whom have adapted in a positive way with their SOS family. 

Now we have a population of 138 children from  one year to eighteen years old.  They are living in fifteen family homes under the charge of one SOS mother and aunts.   All children are participating in complete process of formation, being 13 little children in Early Stimulation, 5 attending Nursery, they have concluded the school year and 89 attending Elementary School, 12 of them have concluded too their Elementary School and 27 in Secondary 2 of them have graduated as Commercial Education and 4 young learning an occupation, all it the reason all mothers are very happy and preparing to have a meeting with richest dinner to celebrated the success of the boys and girls. 

This Village gives following to the SOS Youth Communities, one home where live 10  boys and other home where live 7 young girls. Two of these young are concluding their career in the middle level, and ten of them are working in different enterprises in the capital like in banks, supermarket, hospitals and stores.  While five of them are looking for a job and other are participating in a process to get their independence in a short time.

Through this year some of the young who has reached their independence has been supported through the scholar programs, in that way they have continued the studies as in secondary or university.   Some of them have got their certifications in their studies such as: Anny how preserved until to graduated as Lawyer and José is other good example boy who learned Cabinetmaking later he graduated as Bachelor in Business Administration, he stated to work and in the occupation that he learned and always with the good desires started his studies in the University until to get his title as Lawyer in Business Administration. Now he is looking for job which allows him to improve his condition of life.  It is a great satisfaction to us that thanks to the support of many kind people around the world like it is possible the young could to get success in their life.

On June 11th it is celebrated here the “Student Day” then the mothers organized an especial meeting for the secondary students up twelve years old.  They got prizes for the student with high average and made barbecue, also they take advantage to motivate them to continue and improve their studies, and keep good behavior as in the village and schools where they attend every day.

The children and young were involved in the campaign of reforestation organized by the authorities of the municipality; they were very enthusiastic plating the trees.