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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sponsored children from siem Reap
Sponsored children from siem Reap

A child sponsorship report from Siem Reap in Cambodia. Written in 2009.

Dear Child Sponsors,

May we also take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your great kind support and encouragement. We would like to inform you about the ongoing activities of SOS Children's Village Angkor Siem Reap.

SOS Children's Village Angkor Siem Reap has been developing from day to day. At present there are 145 children in the care of the village in 14 family homes of whom 89 are boys and 56 are girls. Moreover 12 boys are outside in the youth house. Health issue becomes very important for children that draw our attention to need for diseases prevention immunization (Hepatitis B, Measles, small pox, mump, polio Etc) duly completed during this year.

Total 155-children have been rolled in different academic stages as 4 children are studying at nursery, 62 children in Primary School, 64 children in Secondary school; 24 children in High School, 1 youngster in University and another 2 children are preschooler. That was a good news for us that 1 child has passed high school exam and now have joined college in the Major of Electronic. He is a scholarship student which was awarded the scholarship by the director of National Technical Training Institute that is the well-know Institute in Cambodia. He moved to SOS Youth House Phnom Penh to study at National Technical Training Institute in Phnom Penh city. Every evening, he teaches his brothers and other youths in youth house such as mathematics, Physic, chemistry and computer. SOS Vocational Training Center has almost completed providing practical training course to five batches. For the first four batches, there were 74 students graduated from our training centre, all of them were employed with suitable salary and mostly in Hotel, Companies and got their own business in Siem Reap province. On October 2nd, 2009 we arranged the global peace game for the children and youth in the village and participate by other non-governmental organizations, local authorities and SOS Children, youths, mothers, co-workers and teachers from all projects about 200 people. The program was a friendly competition football aimed at strength& cooperation each other. Children and youths of SOS children’s village Siem Reap divided into two teams, namely team: Blue (wearing blue shirt and short) and team white (wearing white shirt and red short) for football match. Through the first half team: Blue kicked ball into goal for 1 score, and in the second half team: blue kicked ball into goal for one more score. As the result, team Blue got 2 scores and team White got 0 score. After the football was over, the Karate Do shown by SOS children and youths had started. In the Karate show, they have done very good and at full strength. This makes every guests congratulated to their unity and solidarity. During 2009 all the children have enjoyed holiday activities. We celebrated the holidays in different way one thing that we have made constant is to reward the children who have excelled them selves at school scoring high marks in their studies . To celebrate this achievement we have this year decided to organize a trip to the different tourist places in Kamping Pouy Resort in Battambang province which is about 40 km from the provincial town and other trip to Sihanouk Ville beach which is in Kampong Som province. 

Your kind help enables us to perform excellent work. Therefore on behalf of all Co-workers, mothers and children, we would like to extend our warm thank and best wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Chea Phon
Deputy National Director
SOS Children’s Villages Cambodia