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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from San Cristobal, Guatemala

Sponsored Children from San Cristobal
Sponsored Children from San Cristobal

A child sponsorship report from San Cristobal in Guatemala. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend and Sponsor:

Receive greetings from the families of SOS Children´s Villages San Cristóbal. We are pleased to share with you some of the most relevant activities that took place during the last months. 

The children that form part of the families has increased, nowadays 58 girls and 53 boys live in 13 SOS families and 51 youth live in four youth facilities getting prepared for an independent life. All of them are studying except for the toddlers that do not have the age to go to school, but receive early education from their SOS mothers.

The increase of children and youth in these difficult times is a real challenge for our organization. Today more than ever we make all efforts to optimize our resources, each SOS mother looks for options that allow her to provide their children all services without sacrificing the quality of the same. Notwithstanding the children that participate in our programmes meet their needs, even the recreational ones as the visit to “Museo de los Niños” [Museum of Children] in Guatemala City, where they learn as they play through exploring their creativity and curiosity. In the other hand they have also visited recreational centres on vacation time. During Easter the families participated in activities related to the celebration.

Most of the children and youth have a good health some of them have suffered common flews or sicknesses due the weather changes. That is why the SOS mothers frequently receive support from the health centre of Mixco [territorial division in Guatemala].

This year we have the 100% of SOS aunts and mothers to guarantee the attention provided to the children in the village, in many cases the SOS mothers who are highly identified with their job and the children have invited other women to be part of our SOS staff. They share with us that it is a gratifying labour to know that they have in their hands children and youth lives and to race and transmit values that will remain in persons along their life is a huge commitment but at the same time is a great satisfaction.

The youth that are looking forward to be independent keep having relationship with their SOS family, they visit them very often, especially in special dates as birthdays or Christmas so one way or another they share with their SOS family. And in the same way they approach to their biological families in the cases it is allowed in order to promote the integration.

Looking forward to promote Children´s Rights we have integrated to two Child Protection Webs in Chimaltenango and Villa Nueva [territorial divisions in Guatemala].

For us it is a pleasure to share with you our happiness as we consider you as part of our families. The SOS mother, SOS aunts and co-workers feel very motivated in our jobs thanks to the support you keep giving to Children and youth in Guatemala. We accept the commitment of being part of an organization that guarantees children´s rights, and at the same time we make children aware of their responsibilities and obligations as members of a family and future citizens of our country.

I hope you and your families the best in your daily activities.

Sincerely yours,

Atentamente. Carlos Luis Sánchez M-