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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Pachacamac, Peru

Sponsored child from Pachacamac
Sponsored child from Pachacamac

A child sponsorship report from Pachacamac in Peru. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors:

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to get in touch with you, especially now, that we are preparing to celebrate Christmas.

The 7 families of SOS Children´s Village Pachacamac prepare themselves too, decorating their houses and looking for the perfect Christmas present for their children. At the moment 55 children from these 7 families are living in the Children´s Village. The youngest one is just 10 months old and the oldest one is a 18-year-old young lady. Following I would very much like to share with you our experiences along the year.

The construction of the 8th family house has already been completed and now there´s a brand new home with a beautiful garden waiting to be occupied by a new family of 9 members.

Some months ago, children of our Children´s Village took part on a casting to be part of the Choir of SOS Children´s Village countrywide. 25 of them had a successful performance and were admitted into the choir. They attend all rehearsals very enthusiastically and many of them have just discovered their artistic talent. 4 of them have been selected to play the main roles in a musical play, which was presented some days ago in a wonderful Christmas show financed by Bank HSBC, which took place at the San Martin Square and will be broadcasted on TV on Christmas Eve.

In August co-workers of a local company visited us and shared nice moments with the children teaching the children through games, theatre plays, and paintings, all about the recycling process and how important it is to preserve our environment. Now, the children have learned the lessons and have got used to recycle plastic and paper together with their families. Even the youngest ones got involved.

Thalia (12) took part in the drawing contest organized by the fundraising department and won the first prize in her category. Furthermore, her drawing is now part of the SOS-Christmas Card Collection that is currently being offered for sale countrywide. Thalia was very happy and proud to know her inspiration would be appreciated by so many people. She won an MP4.

The arrival of the spring time cannot go unnoticed at the Children´s Village because of its big green areas. The plants and trees which had lose their leaves during the fall, recovered their green color in September, and early in the morning, all families love to be woken up by singing birds.

Sunny days are always an invitation to carry out different open air activities. For this reason, we organized a sport competition (football and volleyball) between co-workers and SOS mothers of all SOS Children´s Villages in Lima. It was a very nice experience we will never forget.

Three children have been admitted into our Children´s Village in the last three months of the year. The youngest one, Víctor, is 4 years old, while Daniel is 5, and Héctor 6.  As usual their new SOS families organized a big welcome party to introduce them to the members of their families and community. Their new cousins/siblings welcomed them warmly and got immediately related to them. There are never enough children to play with…

Little Claudia, who joined her SOS family when she was just two months young, is now one year and ten months old, and she is already attending early stimulation sessions at a neighboring nursery, together with one of her little cousins. She has turned into a very lively, skillful, smart and loving little girl, who is very fond of her SOS mother Benita, and gets along very well with her siblings. One of her favorite things to do when she is not at the kindergarten is singing and dancing children songs together with mamá Benita, who has to make a break in her daily activities to dance with Claudia. Mamá Benita gets very emotional when she looks at her little daughter singing, dancing, or simply running around the children´s village, and playing with other children, for she remembers the tiny little baby she held in her arms one year and eight months ago…

October is the purple month for people living in Lima. The sacred image of ´Señor de los Milagros´ (the Lord of Miracles) is carried in a very crowded procession through the main streets of the city. However, the Lord of Miracles is also paid homage locally. Families, institutions, schools, etc. organize their own processions, decorate their facilities and streets with white and purple garlands and flower carpets. The procession of the Lord of Miracles is also a good opportunity for family outings.

During this year and in the past ones there had always been something new to tell to you about our village community. We are confident that we will soon be sharing with you more stories and achievements of our children and youths.

Thank you very much for your unconditional support. May this Christmas and new year 2010 all the best to you and your family!

Yours faithfully,

José Miguel Lobaton Contreras


SOS Children´s Village Pachacamac