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As well as providing a home for over a hundred orphans, the SOS Medical Centre in N'Djamena gives regular medical check-ups and promotes preventative medicine in the local community and treats 5,500 patients a year. … more about our charity work in Chad

Child Sponsorship Report 2009 from N'Djamena, Chad

Children from N'Djamena, Chad
Children from N'Djamena, Chad

a child sponsorship report from N'Djamena in Chad. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsor,

We are pleased to provide you with some new information related to SOS Children’s Village of N’djamena in title of first semester of the year 2009.

Straightaway, accept our warm-hearted greetings of N'Djamena where the temperature makes 44 ° accompanied with the dry winds of Harmattan nowadays which announces the first rains.

During this semester, the country goes on to know a galloping increase in the prices of foodstuffs and building materials. The ban by the government in the populations to use the charcoal as source of domestic energy comes to get worse situation. In it, it is necessary to add the situation of quasi permanent war in the country with all its consequences. That is increases the number of the orphans and other children in difficult situation.

During this semester, two children were admitted in the children village SOS of N' Djaména in replacement of two other children who regained their biological family. What carries the number of the children to 120. These two children are respectively one age old of 4 and 6 months and know a very good evolution in the village SOS. In the field of research of partnership and fundraising, SOS Chad

set up a network of friends which supports it in these activities. At this level, the Children Village SOS of N' Djamena welcomed the visit of the employees of the Commercial Bank of Chari which makes it a gift.

On cultural and sports plan, seven artists’ musicians organized a concert of support of the children SOS. Two of our children inserted a football team. As for the school, scholastic activities took place well with a number of 293 pupils in the primary school and 98 in the nursery. On the number of the school, 36 pupils are introduced in the secondary entrance examination and in the Chadian Primary and Elementary Certificate of Study. We will hope that all these children will be succeed.

During the woman’s international day on March 8th, an excursion was organized towards the mothers SOS in Toukra, locality located in 15 km at the south exit of N' Djamena. An instant appreciated well by SOS Mothers and which allowed them to exchange on a certain number of subjects relating to the HIV / AIDS, to type and to food hygiene. Subjects displayed by specialists of material invited for the circumstance.

At the opportunity of the feast of May 1st, international working feast, a find of friendliness was organized aimed at the SOS collaborators. In the field of advocacy for the rights of the child, several sessions of training on promotion, respect and protection of these rights were organized head the intention of the SOS mothers, aunts and other collaborators of SOS Children Villages of Chad as well as aimed at the very children. Clubs of defence of the rights of the children were put on foot in the school and in the children village SOS of N’Djamena.

On top of that, the teachers of establishments seen frequently by CHILDREN SOS and FSP were formed on the notion of the rights of the child.  As the Family Strengthening Program (FSP), activities of distribution of food helps, scholastic and health monitoring of the children and profitable adults of aforementioned program were led. A new convention of financing covering the period 2009-2011 was signed between FSP and UNICEF.

As visits, Italian couples who support other centres of catches in load of the children visited the Children Village SOS of N' Djamena and promised make him donations. The Village of Children SOS of N' Djamena also received the visit of the pupils of an establishment which came to clean his places to mark their solidarity with our children.

Because of this or that we would like to thank you for your contribution and for your generous support without which we would not have reached our targets. Thanks to your generosity, hundreds and hundreds of children find the hope of a better future.

Yours faithfully,