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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from N’Zérékoré, Guinea

Sponsored children from N'Zerekore
Sponsored children from N'Zerekore

A child sponsorship report from N’Zérékoré in Guinea. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

We find it very interesting sharing with you dear sponsors, activities that occurred in our SOS Children’s Village and its ancillary projects as your assistance make us to help our children shape their own lives. Once again thanks for your continuous contributions during this last period of they year 2009.

SOS Children's Village

This second quarter was marked by important events within the village one was the celebration of June 23rd SOS International Day that was very special as it was the 60th anniversary. Children, mothers, aunties and employees were dressed in their uniforms for the day welcoming their guests to the village. Amongst many personalities form various organizations were recognized the presence of the City Mayor, the Governor and the Social Affairs Minister. Many different sketch and dramas were performed by the SOS children and they morally and emotionally moved the invitees. During her speech the Minister extended her thanks and appreciations to the SOS Children's Villages International and all sponsors for their efforts to help provide homes for children in difficult situation more especially through the Family Strengthening Programme which is really improving many lives status in the country.

In July 2009, some of our little children who remained to the village during the holidays had some extra classes and package to do at home before school opening. Parallel to these activities they had excursions and visits to some interesting places that they really enjoyed. One of these excursions took place at Mount Nimba one of the highest mountains in Guinea about 1.752metres high situated 54kilometers far from the SOS Children’s Village. 

In September 2009, those who went for school holidays to their biological parents and some to their guardians returned to the village. They were very happy to rejoin their SOS family. This time spent in their families was very important as some went to their natal village for their first times. Many grown up children talked about the people in their family and community how they live, their culture and some fast learning started speaking their dialects one factor that is very important to our West African society. Little Paul Mory explained the daily activities of his village people. At dawn he said they all left for farming and returned at evening hours to the village. Once back all the grown up girls go to fetch water at the river side where they go singing lovely songs to and fro. As they approach the village they all hurry to their various houses to serve water and prepare their evening meals. Each family shared their meal with their nearest neighbor. At night they gather in an open place to share funs while older girls and boys sing songs calling the names of their love ones. He really admired this new life and keeps very good memories. 

On September 4th 2009, we resettled one of our girls through the request of her parents and upon her desire to rejoin her family. Since the opening of the SOS Children’s Village of N’Zérékoré this was the first resettlement program ever had. It was very emotionally and reuniting for the family and the SOS Children’s Village. The resettled youth expressed her thanks to all sponsors for their care manifested through their financial contributions towards her. She said through their contributions she had a perfect childhood life with a loving and caring family achieving also a very perfect education to serve her in her community.


The village nurse  and the medical consultant conducted trainings to our mothers, aunties and grown-up girls and boys more especially those to be transferred at the  SOS Children’s Youths’ Facility soon pertaining to the prevention of HIV/AIDS, respiratory diseases, precautions to be taken in case of a burn and parasitological infections from the July 3rd to 5th 2009. During their training they also had lectures on some environmental effects. Participants paid very keen attention and considered all recommendations made during the training very educative and important for the well being of the children.

SOS Nursery School

During the last period of the school year in May 2009 a sport day and fund raising program was organized by the school. It was a successful one with the participation of many parents and other invitees who donated. Fund raised during this program was deposited to the account of SOS Children’s Village Association for future use. The rest of their school programs were carried out for the children in class and outdoors. In June the final school results were given and six of our little children attending Section 3 were promoted to the 1st grade. Those who were in lower classes moved to their next classes as well. They are all anxiously awaiting the new opening for 2009/2010.

Primary and Junior High

This school year 92 of our children will be attending the primary and 25 at the junior. As our school system continues to have 100% of candidates successful during national exams we registered a very high demand never had before for admission to our system this year.  Of course our teachers and students are doing their outmost best for this prestige given to our school. Out of 957 parents’ demand we satisfied 602 due to some infrastructural reasons although we really intend satisfying our neighboring community if we had more classes.

SOS Family Strengthening Programme

The total number of beneficiaries families (80) and (350) children have being increased to 109 families with 475 children. Our first beneficiary families are very actively carrying out their Income Generating Activities and they are becoming more stable families. The recent ones are also undergoing counseling programs in order to better manage their activities when they will be allocated funds for the IGA. Students on the program received their stationeries likewise their fees paid for the new school 2009/2010. Those doing manual trade also received equipments to be used during the training and T-shirts with SOS logos and FSP written on them were made available for them as uniforms. These youths are very proud to be assisted and expressed their thanks to all who accepted to help them be useful to their society as their help is very precious making contributions to many lives and generations.

Political and Economical situation

The political situation has gone very serious between opposition leaders and the government. The last strike organized on the September 28th 2009, by the opposition leaders lead to the death of 157 people. This clash has brought a real instability to the political situation in the country. Until now we noticed that many NGOs in our capital city are closed to an indefinite period likewise few embassies. More over the French Government requested the return of all their citizens closing the French School for this period. Prices of foodstuff and other commodities are noticing a very high inflation likewise the currency. Notwithstanding our SOS Children’s Village with its 130 children and ancillary projects are still safe from the situation.

Due to this instability we make it our first priority to send you our report as earlier in order to have you informed and comply with our obligations towards you. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a very bright and prosperous New Year 2010.  Enclosed, is a greeting card and a photo of your sponsored child/facility.