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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Moin, Costa Rica

Sponsored child from Moin
Sponsored child from Moin

A child sponsorship report from Moin in Costa Rica. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors

It is a pleasure once again to share with you about our achievements here in the SOS Children's Village Moín in 2009.

Today our village has a population of 34 children and adolescents, among ages of 4 years old to 16 years old. There are 5 SOS mothers, three rotating aunts and five aunts candidates, whom are in an introductory course to ensure a better development for all our children and young people in our village and bring new children during this year.

In the village there are ten houses, five of them are waiting for new families. In the other five houses live five SOS families with nine children or six in some cases, composed of the SOS mother, a group of biological and affective siblings; all together living as a family.

The construction of the new houses means a lot to the community in the village, children say that they have new friends with whom to share and play. Also the village looks bigger and beautiful. In November we made a grand opening for the new houses, the main guest was Mr. Helmet Kutin World President of SOS Children's Villages, also the main donors of the houses, the mayor of the province and others whom they shared a lunch, a piñata, folk music and so on, everything was successful and fun especially for children.

The new houses were open for new children; some of them said that they had never lived in a house so big and beautiful as they are now. They express feeling very grateful and happy at home with their SOS mom.

At the SOS Children's Village Moín our population for this year should be 90 children. This will be now possible because we reached the number of SOS mothers required. These women are currently receiving the proper training.

For this 2009 we have the presence of a new director. Despite the circumstances that happen on 2008, nowadays the project is currently stable. Some renovations are being made in some family houses in order to our community continue growing.

In the educational area, it is a pleasure to say that we have children in private schools with excellent academic performance, as well in public schools. There are three teenagers in a technical high school. A teenager of 16 years completed his career in auto mechanics, now he is at English courses. He is currently working on a beach hotel, with different functions, he express feeling good of his achievements and all things learned.

All children in this village have a good academic performance, they are hard-working and each one has success desire. In our population we have several children who are first-class average; one of these kids has obtained 3 awards for their achievements.

Regarding to recreational area, children and adolescents are involved in some sports like swimming, football, track and field.  A girl is receiving a course in jewelry, a group of 6 siblings are taking painting classes, and other 4 are taking guitar lessons. Also a teenager is participating in a dance group, each one of them express to feel happy in everything they have and what they do. Mothers also arrange family activities like trips to beaches, pools, amusement parks; also they prepare birthday celebrations within families. It is worth mentioning that in May we will be celebrating a Sweet-Fifteen party to another teenager in the village, her mom is preparing her party and the girl is very happy.

Regarding to the spiritual area, each family attends every Sunday to the church that belongs to each family.

This year has been a good year, we have had many success and we keep moving forward.

It is a pleasure for our staff here in the SOS Children Village Moín to inform you about children, adolescents and youths during this half year. We hope you stay with us and we are deeply thankful for all the support you gave for the integral development of the children.