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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Luang Prabang, Laos

Sponsored child from Luang Prabang
Sponsored child from Luang Prabang

A child sponsorship report from Luang Prabang in Laos. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,                                                                                             

As the Season’s Greetings soon coming we would like to express our grateful thanks for your continuous support to our SOS Children’s Village Luangprabang. And we are very pleased to take this occasion to present our progress report on the development of our village to you.

We have now 162 children in grand total (74 girls and 88 boys) in which 139 (73 girls, 66 boys) are living with love and security in the village, 20 at youth house, 1 girl and 2 boys at university dormitory. In August 2009 we have admitted 4 siblings from age of 2 to 8 years old into family house No 01 and the male twin in 6 years old into family house No 03. At the beginning of next year we will move some young boys from Village to Youth house.

All children are growing up and well developed in physical and mental status, except one well-behaved sixteen year-old girl “Keola” from FH No 04 still continue to take the medicine for congenital heart disease and under control of the specialist.

12 mothers and 9 aunties are active and very proud to take care of their beloved children. Since 1st October 2009 2 recruited mother candidates have joined the seminar on theory training for 30 days at Mother Training Center in Vientiane Capital. 

For this academic year 2009-10 almost of our children are attending to SOS  school Luangprabang in different classes: 5 kids in nursery, 43 in primary level, 55 in lower secondary , 48 in upper secondary, 2 boys and one girl at university on agriculture and forestry branch.  

At Youth house there are now 20 young boys in total who are very pleased to live together there and to learn how to live independently, to stand by themselves on foot. They are regularly going to SOS school Luangprabang in different classes from lower secondary level to high secondary level.; all of them pay closely of their study. After school they help each other to do house works and take turn to cook, to prepare dinner. In leisure time, they love playing guitar, sports such as table tennis, football, rattan ball and Petung.

SOS nursery provides now 77 kids in total in which 62 come from neighborhood; especially 10 of them, from very poor families, received the scholarship from our project. 

The activities in weekends were held as usually on basis of sanitary education, living in good and clean habit such as: to clean off the large grass, to plant the decorated flowers trees, to read books at library, learn doing the embroidery, to teach English by the eldest brothers-sisters to their younger, after school to plant the vegetables in the small garden of each family, cooking demonstrations for the elder girls.

On grand vacation the village has arranged for mother and children a sight-seeing around the town and picnic at nature places.

On 7.10.2009 as a Teacher’s Day our children from the village and youth house joined the entertainment contest  (singing and dancing on Lao Folklore). Besides that all mothers and their children participated actively the famous religious ceremony on “End of Buddhist Lent”.

Dear Friends and Dear Sponsors, on behalf of all children, mothers and everyone here, allow us to send you the warmest regards and grateful thanks for your kind and generous support which enables us to reach our goal. In this opportunity we would like to wish all of you have a good health, success in your works and prosperity reigning in your family. Especially :

Mr. Soumata DENGCHAMPA                                                                        
National Director