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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean. Around 27 percent of the population live below the poverty line and many children under the age of five still die from malnutrition, gastrointestinal disease and pneumonia. SOS Children's Villages has three Villages on the island … more about our charity work in Dominican Republic

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Los Mina, Dominican Republic

Sponsored Children from Los Mina
Sponsored Children from Los Mina

A child sponsorship report from Los Mina in the Dominican Republic. Written in 2009.

Dear child sponsors and Friends,

Once again receive a warm greeting from the Dominican Republic, specifically from the SOS Children's Village Los Mina.

The SOS Children's Village Los Mina, at present time, has 162 children and young people, divided into 99 male and 63 female, between 18 houses inhabited by children and adolescents,. The SOS Children's Village Los Mina, is located in a poor area of Santo Domingo. Within the program 163 children and adolescents attend school or college, of which 23 are in high schools, 15 in special needs schools, 6 attending classes on painting and art, 1 to dance, 63 to soccer practice, 7 to English courses, 1to a mechanical workshop, 7 to computer science and technical courses and 2 to electricity. We also participated in activities like a summer book fair, trips to the beach. 7 Young people are in the process of going to or are admitted to college, studying careers like accounting, economics and business administration.

In the youth communities there are currently 16 youths of which 4 are working as cameraman, in graphic arts, assistant accountant, etc... In the youth community there is a group that already started the process of independence, where they prepare to face life.

In this school years we have formed two groups of evening and morning classes to help form the habit of study, reading and homework, where not only we are going to work on the school area but also in training people and religious values as well. Within the maintenance area there have been more emphasis in the bathrooms of 10 houses, we have reinforced the cleaning of the green areas and repaired kitchen cabinets and the game areas. We have not had a year of high investments.

Training was completed eight aunts, mothers, so we have a more committed team and Strengthened with the development of children and youth. It's been a year when the community will play the world crisis in a strong way, but we have learned that the crisis is learned rather than abundance.

This is what we can say so far; hope you have enjoyed reading and learning more about the village and our children. We thank you again for giving us the opportunity to provide our children and youth a family with love, respect and security. With your help and support we can make all this possible. Again, thank you very much.

Best regards,

National Sponsorship