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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean. Around 27 percent of the population live below the poverty line and many children under the age of five still die from malnutrition, gastrointestinal disease and pneumonia. SOS Children's Villages has three Villages on the island … more about our charity work in Dominican Republic

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Los Jardines, Dominican Republic

Sponsored children from Los Jardines
Sponsored children from Los Jardines

A child sponsorship report from Los Jardines in the Dominican Republic

Dear child and village sponsors,

Once again receive a warm greeting from the Dominican Republic, specifically from the SOS Children's Village Los Jardines del Norte.

In the SOS Children's Village Los Jardines del Norte, we, at present, have 147 children and young people, divided among 16 houses, 85% of them are actively participating in school.

The month of June is the period when the school year ends and we can say that 97% of our children have been promoted with very good results this year.

We have two youth communities, one with 12 participants and another with 14. Likewise, this year we had 7 young people who have gone to independent living and 5 children who have been reintegrated with their families of origin.

As part of our day's work for growth and development of our children throughout the year, we have conducted various activities with the children, such as: dance school with eight participants, sports leagues with seven children, development of specialized technical schools where 15 youths are participating. Also we have had 7 college enrolments, 3 youths completing high school in the 2009 period. Also there are 7 developing work experiences, and 1performing a junior internship at a job.

As part of our training base, we annually organize spiritual activities in which we renew the religious formation, and recreational trips to the beach, plays, films, etc.. To occupy leisure time of children and adolescents we provide a healthy recreational environment.

This is what we can tell so far; hope you have enjoyed reading and learning more about our children and the village. We thank you again for giving us the opportunity to provide our children and youth a family with love, respect and security. With your help and support we can make all this possible. Again, thank you very much.