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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Limon, Costa Rica

Group of children from Limon, Costa Rica
Group of children from Limon, Costa Rica

A child sponsorship report from Limon in Costa Rica. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends who sponsor a child:

On behalf of all the families and collaborators of Aldeas SOS Limon we send you all kind regards.As is our custom, we wish to show you through the next pages the principal events that had happened during the year 2009.

With great pride we can comment that thanks to the support from all of you we can today offer all of our love and security to a family of more than 90 boys, girls and teenagers

all growing with a better quality of life and great advantages of development.

Our biggest wish is to continue counting with the necessary resources to bring to more boys and girls and teenagers the opportunity of an integral development, for that we thank the economic support that the organization has given and the trust showed in our work. We wish to take this chance to express our wish that 2010 is full of blessings for you and your family and that we may continue counting with your valuable support. Thank you so much for your contribution to our organization and best wishes for the year 2010.

Achievements from the year 2009:

Family Development Area:
Nowadays in the SOS Children's Villages Limon

, it is integrated by 13 families, which welcome more than 90 boys, girls and teenagers in ages between 5 and 23 years old.  In order to bring care, protection and formation to minors, we currently count with the support of a team of 17 SOS Mothers. In regards with the process of welcoming, during the year 2009 it has been possible to welcome more than 15 minors, which allowed to perform the opening of two new family houses, an event that brought great joy inside the community of the village.

During the whole year, the families continued making different activities to strengthen the affective links like are: trips to rivers, beaches, parks, pools, birthday celebrations. These activities were made during school holidays, Easter Week, weekends, holidays, etc.

On September 9 in our country is the celebration of Children’s Day ( Dia del Niño y la Niña) and for such a special occasion, SOS Mothers have organized games and activities in the open air for all the members of the SOS families, besides of preparing prizes, candy and special food for all of them, an activity enjoyed by all of them greatly.

During 2009, 3 members of the families started an individual life from their family SOS, actually two of them are working and one of them is currently studying in a University of the United States, thanks to a scholarship that was given her from the university. Everybody continues to be in touch with their SOS family.

School Area and Technical Formation

At the closure of the year 2009, 7 members of the families assisted to classes at Public Schools, while the remaining members assist to Public Schools.

From the total of the families, more than 50 boys, girls and teenagers are enrolled in High School

, 3 receive technical training, and 3 youths are currently working. Besides is important to point out that 9 members of the families attend a high school , where besides of receiving academic formation, they receive technical formation in areas such as accounting, computation, and secretarial.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that during 2009, 3 young assisted to public universities of the country, studying the careers of Systems Engineering, Agronomy and Psychology, situation that makes many SOS Mothers very proud and the village community in general.

To bring school support to the members of the families with mayor learning difficulties, the support of students of UNED (State Distance University) who bring tutorials, and help in the realization of school homework is continued.

On the other hand, some boys, girls and teenagers continue to receive computer and English classes, activities that are combined with their academic studies of elementary and high school.

Sports and Recreation Area:

During the present year, the members of the families continued participating in different recreational, sports and cultural activities, according to the interests and abilities of each one of them.

Within each of these activities that they practice are dancing, are part of the Scout Movement and participate in swimming, drawing, music, feminine soccer team and boxing courses.

To participate in such activities, SOS mothers must cover the expenses of enrolment, transportation and the purchase of materials and uniforms that are a necessity.

On the other hand members of the families assist to different churches in their zones, and many teenagers, boys and girls continue to be part of the groups that exist within these.

Health Area:


In the health area, every boy, girl, and adolescent and youth continue assisting periodically to get medical care in the health services of the community where medical exams and laboratory exams are performed. Besides several boys, girls and teenagers have required the attention of doctors with specialized in orthodontics, gynaecology, endocrinology, optometry, orthopaedics, psychology, psychiatry, homeopathy and others.

On the other hand every single child, teenager and youth receive the orthodontic attention they need at least twice a year.

In general terms, every member of the families enjoy a good health state and receive the attention they require according to their needs.

Mother Development:

Nowadays we are counting with a team of 17 SOS Mothers, 9 of these have finalized their formation process that credits them as SOSO Mothers, 4 mothers started the formation process during this year and during the first months of next year, 2 SOS Mothers will be able to graduate.

Its is believed that in the next weeks 3 SOS Mothers will be incorporated with the objective of supporting daily the other mothers that are now assuming a family.

It’s important to highlight that the professionals in psychology and social workers bring their presence constantly to the mothers according to the needs of each one of them and their families.

Infrastructure and equipment of the family households:

During the present year, it has not been required to give to the family households any house equipment of furniture because last year an investment was made to purchase these.

It has only been tried to give maintenance and repairs to the actives that have required. In this way the families count with the equipment and furniture necessary to bring the minor a good quality of life.

In terms of wardrobe and belongings of the minors, each mother continues to bring their sons and daughters the articles they need such as clothing, bedding, shoes, school equipment and any that is required according to the needs of each one of them and to the existing budget.

In the infrastructure level, it is continues to bring maintenance to the family households and administration offices (furniture repair, doors, pipes, electrical installations, etc) and embellishment of the green areas so a gardener has to be hired periodically.

During the second semester of the present year it was accomplished the reparation of the fence that surrounds the village, which has brought better security to all of the families.

After informing you about all of the activity and achievements made during the year 2009, we wish to repeat our thanks for all of the support given to the families.

Thank you and blessing for the year 2010!


Marianela Mora Castro

Social Worker

SOS Children Village Limon