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In December 1999, Venezuela was hit by torrential rain. As a result, SOS Children's Villages set up an SOS emergency relief programme, which lasted for four months. People were given medical supplies, tools and household implements and were also helped in their search for missing relatives … more about our charity work in Venezuela

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from La Canada, Venezuela

Children from La Canada
Children from La Canada

A child sponsorship report from La Canada, Venezuela. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsor,

Receive warm greetings from Venezuela. On this opportunity I would like to share with you information about Children’s Village SOS La Cañada of which I have news for you and who you so generously support through your sponsorship.

During this semester Ignacio and María, two youngsters from SOS Children’s Village La Cañada, of Wayuu origin (native ethnic population from Venezuela and Colombia) were reunited with their biological family after 12 years of not knowing their whereabouts. They arrived at the village on April 2nd 1997. Ignacio was 6 years old and María 3, filled with innocence and liveliness, but not long after they began wondering where they’re biological family was. Among this humble Wayuu family filled with history was their great-great grandmother 115 years old, great grandmother 80 years old, grandmother 56 years old and grandfather 56 years old, most of this ethnic group live very long lives and remain together in the same area.

On May 15th on International Family Day, we organized a celebration named “Family Hug” in which many recreational activities were enjoyed by the children, youngsters, SOS mothers, SOS aunts all together. A theater play was staged to represent family values and the difference between a family with and without values with the help of the Scout Group Adriel Enrique. We had a sack race with one member of each house with the help of the aunt racing to the finish line; it was a great way to strengthen the bond between the family members. It was also a happy memory the two concerts in which 7 children of the Symphonic Children Orchestra of the Children Foundation; one was dedicated to women  on mothers day.

At present we have 54 girls and 49 boys for a total of 103 children and adolescents distributed in 12 families. We have fewer children than last year due to 6 child reintegration to their biological families. We continue to make all the efforts to ensure good grades and performance of the children in their academic activities.  Among the extracurricular activities done by the children we have scouts, some are part of the orchestra at the Children’s Foundation and practice with discipline and enthusiasm to become great musicians and 11 girls became a part of the band ‘Agrupación Banda Show Inmaculada Concepción’.

The Development of the adolescents has also been a motif for joy for the mothers and aunts since 6 youngsters, who continue their education, assist to workshops in several areas as preparation for future employments such as computing and some handy crafts among others. Additionally, 30 youngsters were part of the group ‘Village Youngster’ program and among the activities they participated in they took a vocational test to guide them towards a professional or technical career in the future.  As part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Children’s Villages, we had an activity of assisting to the media to communicate the joy and pride of been a part of this wonderful initiative.

Regarding the SOS Youth Communities we have 7 young boys who have successfully passed to this next stage towards independence with many expectations and projects for their future life as independent adults with the invaluable support of the mothers and aunts.  On the other hand our older youngsters on the independent living stage continue maturing and initiating new projects like small fast food restaurants, convenience stores,  and others initiating jobs in different areas.  Finally I would like to let you know about the life of some of our independent adults who have achieved with great effort  their goals  like José who is working two jobs simultaneously, Javier who owns a fast food restaurant and Nidia who has her own Dance and karate school in the nearby neighborhood.

Please receive our deepest greetings and most sincere gratitude for the support offered which has allowed so many children to enjoy the love, dedication and orientation of a mother and the company and love of siblings and so many children from our Community Homes and Centers are able ensure the permanence with their family.

We wish you a beautiful and warm summer in the company of your loved ones!

Best regards,

Virna Pierluissi

Sponsorship Coordinator