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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Kitwe, Zambia

Sponsored children from Kitwe
Sponsored children from Kitwe

A child sponsorship report from Kitwe in Zambia. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors, Dear Friends,

Greetings from Kitwe Village!

It is with great pleasure that we share the developments that have taken place in our Village during the last 6 months.  We are in the midst of summer in Zambia and the rainy season has just started - with the rain comes green grass and fresh leaves on the trees.  It is also the season for nice fruits such as mangoes which the children love to eat.  The rain also gives everyone a welcome relief from the humidity and heat!

The Village still has 192 children presently under its care. 24 youths are now ready to move to their newly constructed youth facilities within the Village. This is the first step to independence. The youths are so excited about their moving to the Youth House as they feel they are too old to continue being under their mother’s care and supervision.  At the Youth house, they will be under the care of Youth Leader s - a young man by the name of Reuben and a young lady by the name of Mary.

Over the past few months, the youngest child in the Village, 3 year old George has finally learnt to talk.  This is a milestone which the whole Village has celebrated as George took a bit of time to express himself.   George has also learnt to use the toilet much to the joy of his Mother and will start nursery in the New Year.   He is considered as the baby of the Village and all the children in the Village like playing with him.

Children bid farewell to their 5 retired mothers who contributed greatly to their welfare. It was a touching moments for the children and other mothers. However, the mothers assured the children that will always be with them in spirit and will definitely visit them once in a while.
Zambia Celebrated it’s Independence Anniversary on the 24th of October and to commemorate this very important day, a Talent Show was organized. The children participated in the modeling, singing, dancing, sketches/drama and poetry performances. The Children had fun and enjoyed displaying their talent and we are proud to report that SOS children are very talented as well as very entertaining.

For the first time in the history of Kitwe Village, we have managed to send one youth – Peter Mwanza to the SOS International College in Ghana. The whole Village was so happy for about Peter’s achievement.  Peter’s performance has inspired the other children to work hard so that they can also go to Ghana in future In addition, the Village organized a farewell party for where all the Village children were invited and had fun with their brother. 
The Village father and mothers encouraged Peter to continue working hard and not to forget where he was coming from and why he was going to Ghana.  Most importantly they advised him not to forget his culture. This was a memorable moment for Peter and the other children too. Everyone wishes him well.

In October the school was visited by teachers from its partner schools from Ghana and the United Kingdom. This was an exchange visit that followed after the Zambian teachers traveled to the United Kingdom where good practice and other experiences were shared. 

The Norway Cup took place in Norway in July, 2009. One of our girls – Macklina Nyoni was in the Under-16 Girls National Football Team which represented Zambia in the 2009 Norway Cup.  It was a great honour for SOS Zambia to have 2 of our girls playing for the National Team.  We are as proud of our girls as they managed to go as far as the Semi finals.

The nursery held a colourful graduation where 30 children graduated to Grade One. The children were full of pride and happiness in their bright coloured gowns as they received their certificates.  During the ceremony the kindergarten children performed traditional dances, songs and poems for the invited guests. 

With the coming of the festive season, the Village has organized a Christmas party, where children will perform different cultural dances and other merry making activities. They are all looking forward to celebrating the birth of Christ in a special way.
Dear Friends, Kitwe Village is growing, with a lot of youths ready to take up their positions on their path to independence – Our children have made a lot of progress in their lives and its all because of your continued support. We appreciate this very much.  
Finally, the children and their mothers send you and your families good wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy 2010!

Emmie Lamaswala
Sponsorship & Public Relations Officer