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Years of conflict and natural disasters mean that Sudan is one of the world's least-developed countries. Children suffer from extremely limited chances and are at risk of trafficking and child labour. We help families in Khartoum provide children with the best start in life and offer a loving home to those with no one else. … more about our charity work in Sudan

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Khartoum, Sudan

Sponsored child from Khartoum
Sponsored child from Khartoum

A child sponsorship report from Khartoum in Sudan. Written in 2009.

It is my pleasure to send our child sponsors my warmth greetings for Xmas and New Year; we wish you happy Xmas and New Year. In SOS Sudan really appreciate your kindness and regular help you keep giving to our children. 

For more than three decades, SOS Children’s Villages Khartoum stands to ensure child’s rights and it succeeded to do so in spite of difficulties face it. It is obvious that it protected children from abuses and exploitation, while simultaneously helping them to develop self-esteem and confidence. At least this was done to the children directly under our care.

Guided by its vision mission values SOS Khartoum is obliged to protect children under its care from abuses and exploitation through creating effective programmes addressing child rights to minimize its occurrence. This also can happen if we strengthen our SOS families and it we all –co-workers make sure that everything possible was done to protect the children.

SOS as an extraordinary organization shows always nothing can stand between it and a child in need of help. On the 4th of January 2009 SOS children has admitted 14 children from a government orphanage in a city called Medani 280 kilometers south of Khartoum. The children admitted were between 11 days of age to 9 month and they had been in a very bad health. Now they are in good health after receiving good care and love.

SOS Khartoum is always focusing and concentrating on health of the child. This is essential because the children we receive are unwanted, thrown by the side of the streets, dehydrated, malnutrition and born under – weight. No doubt a child born in such a condition needs medical care and that is what we are doing for them. The result is clear in their health development, progress and mortality rate is zero. The common deseases we are facing are malaria, cough and chest problems but no epidemic deceases. During this year only two surgical operations were done on two children and now they are in good health.

On the first of January 2009 four SOS children youth have joined SOS youth house after having been prepared for this step all over the year 2009 by a team of psychologist and educators. The youth leaders and their SOS brothers have made it easy for them to integrate in the local community and get accustomed to it and created programmes for them according to their ages.

Our SOS Nursery- which is annexed to the village -  has celebrated the graduation of 14 children all of them from SOS Children's Village Khartoum. Mothers, guests, youth, and children participated in this celebration. Now the fourteen of them have joined schools in the neighboring community and school . On 23/10/2009, the Nursery also was visited by LBC (Lebanon channel), and spent a day with them.

It has been proven that all over the world, social, cultural and sports activities help in integration of children in the community rise their awareness of what happens around them and deeply root them in the community. To achieve these goals SOS Children’s Villages and SOS youth facilities always creating, participating and sharing in many activities took place in the community. For example twelve children kept receiving advanced football training two days a week all over the year together with other mates from the community. On 2/6/2009 our children and youth shared the FIFA implementation of football programmes in the village and in the community. This festival was attended by the FIFA top officials and football coaches. On the first of August our children shared in the drawing shows prepared by the American Embassy and national museum.

Concerning the youth, six of them graduated at the vocational training center in different parts of technical specialization. This year three SOS youth departed and they are now independent, secured their jobs and make their own living. The national football association, in collaboration with the FIFA sent two of our SOS youth to Switzerland to attend football coaching courses. SOS youth girls living inside the village participated effectively in all activities that took place in the village in addition to their own activities like, participating the FIFA festival which is held inside the village.

SOS Sudan is not only giving direct care to the children and youth, but it out reaches to the community. For example, Ombeda educational complex is helping 400 children by giving them clothes, medicine, school bags, notebooks, and school fees, beside that it gave training for 80 drops- out in sewing, electricity, and plumping.

To give SOS children a sound education is the essential step to guarantee them good future and help them to complete (compete)? with their mates for job searching.  This year the number of SOS children in the private schools are 38, 27 in government schools and 3 in special learning schools. The percentage of success this year is 73%. Primary schools in Arkwaut for both (girls & boys) are attend by (450 boys – 297girls) those who sit for the final exam all of them from the girls school have passed the exam (boys school the percentage of success is 87%). 

Part of our SOS policy consists in strenghtening families ties and encouraging social life in the village aiming at informing the children about the traditions and culture of their home country. To make it accessible for them, we insist to perform marriages and boys circumcisions inside the village.

Once again, thank you very much for your continued support.
Taj El Siraj
Village Director
SOS Children’s Villages Khartoum