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Children from the SOS nursery in Bucharest
As many as 32,000 Romanian children may be involved in some form of child labour. We work in Bucharest, Cisnadie and Hemeiusi to ensure children enjoy a proper childhood, with all the opportunities they need to flourish. We provide a loving home for those who cannot live with their families. … more about our charity work in Romania

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Hemeiusi, Romania

Sponsored child from Hemeiusi
Sponsored child from Hemeiusi

A child sponsorship report from Hemeiusi in Romania. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

Due to the development of the world financial crisis, Romania, in the end of 2008, started to suffer the first financial and economical consequences:  unemployment increase, salary cuts, broke companies. At that moment the close future was hardly shaped. For Hemeius commune the first 8 months of the year 2009 was a period of the economical fall down and restructuring. Despite economical restraints the local SOS fund raising activity has increased considerably... In plus, a good financial management led to a prudent budget running. We have started with the crisis effects because in this uncertainty environment we have learned the lesson of being human, open heart and sympathetic…From this crisis we have got a big “slice” of wisdom and common sense…Thanks to this attitude of our friends we have been able to provide our children a safe, warm HOME and a permanent feeling of belonging.... But this is not all: this crisis made us more determined to extend our services to the children in need, to go beyond our actual limits, to bring light in the darkness… A "friend in need is a friend indeed“.

2009 was also the year of the starting of the preplanning time for ONE Program (discussions are started, first elements and National Association’s ambitions have been defined), and the improvement of the children’s care quality. We really believe in the constant quality increase of our provided services. Our children deserves the best, and money are only a part of this “the best “. The rest it is filled with immeasurable LOVE, unlimited PATIENCE and ACCEPTANCE, and “astronomical” HOPE...

2009 was also, for SOS Hemeius a hard period of medical problems. Part of them have been solved, the rest will be solved, with professional medical help, in the shortest period, being our major concern and priority. We have recorded several successes, medical ones, three of our young girls and two boys have been gone successfully through surgeries. The opening of the first Youth Facility (a very successful project until now!) took place in September and then, after three months of preparations, we will make our first admissions. The Youth Facility is our biggest achievement: happy youngsters being proud of their new house, very much involved in arranging and embellishing the house. They got a dog – a friendly one! - and much enthusiasm...

The construction process is in delay because the architect changed. In plus we have shaped our real needs related to the constructed spaces, based on the technical expertise and the available amount of money.

In this moment we have 17 children in the village, and three youngsters are already reintegrated in their own families. The three left young people are all autonomous and independent youngsters, and they manage to make their own future. As achievements in the first half of 2009 we can mention : the exceptional school results ( 9 awarded children – “keep doing the good work!” ), media major events –  ( 1st June and a Seminary on the SOS volunteer activity issues, Youth facility opening on 16th of September), a plentiful leisure and social program (camps, trips, getting out - Black Sea seaside, Danube Delta or mountains), good and qualitative evaluations taking into account the real needs of the children, new processes and procedures that preserve and promote actively , inside and outside, children’s rights. Let me tell you the story of 1 of June: …“Wonderful!!! Balloons, flags, glass painted icons exhibition, music, barbecue, folk dancing and many, many children and guests! I believe there were 200 souls put together….Great day

The implemented “open door policy” ,based on a lots of operational Partnership Contracts, concluded with state authorities, companies, NGO’s, local television and legal partners, have brought the expected results in raising our notoriety and our local income. We are aware that notoriety brings the financial resources, which are, beyond of our deepest love, the certainty of our “tomorrow“ presence in the children lives. Good stuff for children is coming from the good staff!

Even if we are facing this undesired crisis, we are confident in our future development, and we are ready to start the changes for ONE Program implementation! To go there were the children in need, need us indeed...

We thank you very much for being our friends involved in our children’s lives and we take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for all your support. We wish you all the best, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!

Mihai Bandraburu

Village Director, SOS Children’s Village Hemeiusi