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Czech Republic
Children playing in the Czech Republic
Support for fragile families in the Czech Republic is woefully lacking. Many children end up away from their parents in state-run institutions, and nearly half become involved in crime at some point in their lives. For SOS Children's Villages, this is unacceptable, and this is why we have helped Czech children since 1969. … more about our charity work in Czech Republic

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Doubi, Czech Republic

Mother and Child from Doubi
Mother and Child from Doubi

A child sponsorship report from Doubi in Czech Republic. Written in 2009.

Dear Child Sponsors,

The end of this year is coming and so I would like to inform you about this year’s activities in SOS CV Doubí.

No new children and SOS mothers came to the village this year, but there is a new village directress and administrative worker who have been working here since the spring.

The pedagogue Tomas planned wonderful spring holiday for children again. There were several tips where to go with the children from our SOS village. The final decision was the ski- training in Krušné mountains. They stayed at the nice hotel in Kryštofovy Hamry.

Their accommodation was very good and the culinary art of the manager was pleasantly pampering. They skied on nearby “Klínovec” mountain and on the local smaller ski slope. In spite of occasional rain, children enjoyed snow enough. Evenings they played many funny games, disco as well as “Superstar” – singing competition could not be missing. Moreover, children had the opportunity to get to know a lot about the work of the Mountain rescue. Of course, we did not want to go back home – to the common everyday duties and small worriment in school or at work.  

At the beginning of May they went back to Kryštofovy Hamry again. The locals have invited them to join the traditional ritual of “Burning the witches”. The children could possibility to watch the show of military technique and got a lift there and also to watch the show of birds of prey which was very interesting and prepared greatly. Neither a fire with a burned witch nor roasting of sausages is missing there. Following days the weather was ideal for tourist and cognitive trips round. All the children, the youngest included climbed the Jelení hill which was very difficult. The last action was an expedition named Searching for gemstones. The cooky from the pension is a keen collector of stones and she showed them her collection. It wasn’t necessary to persuade the children to make another trip. The game of gold-diggers was really successful and there was almost a problem to take everything by bus on the return journey.

The first of June – The Children’s day should really belong to children. The more those can’t enjoy it from various reasons in a circle of close relatives. The employees of the village together with children prepared different habitat with varying challenges on the playground above the village and they invited the children from the Children’s home to compete together.

The weather and atmosphere were very pleasant and this successful day was concluded by barbecue of sausages and singing accompanied by guitar.

The week after there was held the so called “Bambiriada” – an action for children, whose part is also presentation of various non-profit organizations working with children and young people. There was the 2nd year-class of Bambiriada in Karlovy Vary. Many fun games and tasks for visitors were prepared there and everybody got a small present. Due to bad weather the planned performance hadn’t realized and the children performed the whole prepared programme one week later at opening of their new playground in the village. The idea of construction of this playground came into being as a Charity Project in cooperation with several companies promoted the Radio Impuls. The realization of this project was supported by a money gift from the competition for the prettiest girl of the year. It was proceeds auction of paintings of finalists and selling of art calendars 2010. Children’s performance and entertainment were like expression of thanks. The children played flutes, sang and tap danced under the leadership of coach. This action was sweetened by excellent reception and even better ice cream.

After the last bell of the school year the most of our children went into the camps and other summer pleasures. The school year and group meetings were ended by an interesting event. On the occasion of opening of a new hockey hall in Karlovy Vary was organized a fun afternoon for children in the premises of the new hall. There was a varied programme – competition, games and performances of famous entertainers. The children enjoyed it a lot there and than they continued by singing in our clubroom.

In July the football club Bulldogs in cooperation with the civic association Real organized the action to support SOS children’s villages. Besides competitions and attractions for children the football match was the most interesting event, where famous personalities of Czech culture played against the Bulldogs. At the end of this football-theatre match the famous actor Ivan Trojan handed over the check for twenty thousands Czech crones to the SOS CV Association. It’s great that the combination of sport, entertainment and large medial audience of actors and singers brings fruit to support of charitable projects.

This year we didn’t take advantage the offer to go to Caldonazzo in Italy mainly for financial reasons and the majority of children stayed in the summer camps organized by other organizations in August. There were very few children in the village during the whole summer holiday and so they organized just a few short trips by bike.

At the beginning of September our group visited a theatre in Ceský Krumlov town and spent there very interesting weekend. Within this weekend the children could see interiors of a theatre in Ceské Budejovice, visit the historic centre of Ceský Krumlov and watch the performance using the revolving auditorium.

The groups of personality development with a pedagogue have been working since mid-September. Tutor classes for children have been agreed with a volunteer centre in Karlovy Vary, especially tutoring of mathematics and physics.

At the end of September our boy Jirka brought home a beautiful award the Master of agility Czech Republic. It was a great success. This championship was held in Opatovice town and other champion of our village was seven-years-old Patrik who was the first in the running race.  

In October the company which is the most important and long-time partner of the SOS CV organized the Balloon day in the hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary whose objective was to motivate people for sending donor SMS and to support SOS children in this way. The most interesting show for our children was a show of famous illusionist. The part of this programme was also the evaluation of children’s drawings. At noon our children launched 400 balloons carrying the message for the public. The children enjoyed it a lot – they have their balloon day and beautiful feelings.

Winter is knocking at our door and with it the tradition of Nicholas at the beginning of December. Our children will receive lots of sweets on this traditional day. They look forward to Christmas and Christmas party naturally like every year. We all hope in lots of snow, too.

We would like to thank you on behalf of all our children and mothers and we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.