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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from David, Panama

Sponsored children from David
Sponsored children from David

A child sponsorship report from David in Panama. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors:

We begin this new opportunity that is given to us to let you know the news about this year to all of you, who always accompany us in our daily lives. To you, our friends and sponsors our sincere thanks from the group of children, adolescents and youths of the SOS Children's Village David.

It is just that so many thing has happened this year, some happy and some are not so, but from them we have learned and obtained experience. So we have passed our summer (from December to March) filled with sun, happiness and of course activities for our boys and girls.

We can mention that they played football, baseball, swam in a Olympic pool, began Taekwondo practices, learned to model, folkloric dancing and participated in singing contests, among other activities. Also the children and teenagers who belong to the Scouts and Girl Guides groups were constant and highly motivated to participate in the camps held. Even the most daring ones went to the Baru volcano, the most pronounced elevation in the Republic of Panama that is in the same province of our SOS village.

And as always, school days arrived. All of our boys and girls started the school year, some to continue and even complete their primary or secondary education and others, like the toddlers who did not have to attend school last year, this year we have seem them in their uniforms to start their school adventure. And we can even talk about mid-year graduations, although this is not the norm here in Panama because the graduations are always at the end of the year (in December).

And the talent of our boys and girls continues to be shown at every opportunity. On this point we can tell you that Emily again won the first place in her school drawing contest. This contest is held as part of National book week in September. Also the tiny Yaritzeth, who is barely in first grade won on that same week the Second place in the spelling contest. Both were happy with their victory and exhibited to all the certificates that they received.

A bit of sadness has caused the news that possibly because of the flu, no patriotic parades will take place in November. This is because many boys and girls were planning to march with their schools, others are in school marching bands and the vast majority was preparing to go just to watch the patriotic parades. What they are also looking forward to take place is the Christmas parade that is carried out every year throughout the streets of David. And talking about the end of the year, this last three months has brought us great joy. In October, rather at the begging of the month, we had the good fortune to receive a little 3 years old boy. From the beginning has been a sensation, as his native name is a bit complicated to say and therefore everyone called him by the name: Merejo. Indeed he fully understood by this name and later on we will see if it really stays with his original name or change it to another easier to understand and write.

And it is that December always become the most expected month for children and even for teenagers. This is the month of gifts, parties and lights. This year as in previous ones, we have been promoting a healthy competition among boys and girls to see who will do better in school. This year the awards are bicycles which were donated by the office First Lady of the Republic of Panama. They come in all sizes, so everyone can participate.

These awards will be presented in the traditional Christmas lighting celebration that is organized in the village. And as always, the December holidays give us the opportunity to thank al the nice people that help us. So, as always, we elevate a prayer to heaven to ask for blessings for you all, friends, that always honour us with your support.

Arcinio Suira
village director
SOS Children´s Village David