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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Dar Bouazza, Morocco

Sponsored child from Dar Bouazza
Sponsored child from Dar Bouazza

A child sponsorship report from Dar Bouazza in Morocco. Written in 2009.

Dears Sponsors

In this beginning of summer, the SOS Children’s Village of Dar Bouazza is pleased to be able to share with you the major events of the first semester of the year. Today the village is home to 97 children, about one third of whom are girls. Because we are currently running at full capacity, we have not recently been able to admit new children. The next admissions are expected for next year at the earliest. All of the children attend school: the youngest at the village nursery and the others at 4 different schools in Casablanca. Next year, the eldest will go to high school and, for the first time, will stay at boarding schools during the week.

During the first part of the year, the effects of the global economic crisis were not too bad in Morocco. Yet, we considered it very important that we be ready to deal with them. The SOS mothers along with the pedagogic teams decided to raise awareness among the children and adolescents through different useful and fun activities :
- With the help of the village gardener, some village youths created vegetable gardens whose produce was consumed in the family houses;
- Other youths created objects such as necklaces and rings and successfully sold them to visitors during special events held at the village;
- Some families gave their homes a feeling of simpler times by making jam and perserving vegetables, others began raising chickens, pigeons and rabbits
- Also, the mothers taught their children to mend, sew, knit and reuse their books from the last school year ;
- Finally, this year’s holidays will be spent at the village and the mothers won’t travel with the younger children as they used to. Luckily, the beach is not far, and our families will be able to enjoy themselves…

But these difficult times on the horizon have not kept us from continuing our mission and many events took place this semester that had a positive impact on village life.

First, in May, a grand Kermesse or party was organised for the children and brought them great joy. Later, during the same month, a celebration of Mothers’s Day was organised by the older chidren with the help of a volunteer. The mothers were invited to the nursery cantine where they were welcomed by their children who had prepared snacks. The room was decorated with flowers and candles and poems. The adolescents were also kind enough to invite their younger brothers and sisters to set a good example. Together, they expressed their affection and recognition to their SOS mothers. The moment was very emotional, and many mothers had tears in their eyes.

In addition, we also continued to promote the image of the Association by participating in various events in order to meet new potential partners (the Children’s Expo, literacy classes in rural areas, conferences, an environmental protection event). Several press conferences and television reports were organised in the village. These were also occasions to make ourselves known and raise awareness of our action and our cause among the public.

The extracurricular and developmental activities of our children continued as usual during the first semester. Our children participated in sports clubs (Aïkido, football, gymnastics), music, art, computers and gardening. This year the village’s pedagogic team tried to improve the tutoring programme by implicating the family assistants and by recruiting an additional educator.

Nearly 10 years after the opening of our SOS Children’s Village of Dar Bouazza, we are happy to count you among our friends, you who continue to support us, in order to give a long home to every child. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.