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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Canchungo, Guinea-Bissau

Sponsored child from Canchungo
Sponsored child from Canchungo

A child sponsorship report from Canchungo in Guinea-Bissau. Written in 2009.

Dear Child Sponsors,

The Children’s Village Bissau, SOS Mothers, SOS Aunts and all the staff members, wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We would like you to share with us both our country news and daily life of your sponsored children in SOS Villages

that your kind contribution enables them to have a family, a state of good health and full of joy.

Social, Economic and political situation
Guinea Bissau has gone through a harsh crisis with the event that took place in the first quarter of the present year with the assassination of the former president of the Republic and the former chief of Army Staff. That brought about the presidential election to take place before the due time. Another factor is the global recession which affects most of the poor countries. So Guinea Bissau government is undergoing many difficulties such as payment of wages, health problems, unemployment and teachers’ strike that really brought a set back on school calendar.

SOS Children’s Village
In accordance with the new children’s admission regulation, we have just selected 36 new children to fill in the vacancy in the family houses. Canchungo village has now 96 children among them 53 are girls and 43 boys from the age of 2 months to 9 years.

As far as SOS Mothers and Aunts’ training is concerned, the director and tutors of nursery School lecture them on capacities strengthening, child psychology, literature, songs, different types of games and practical demonstrations. Skill work, educative programmes and physical exercise to combat stress are organized too.

The Children’s Village received donation from one sponsor. The delegation presented a lot of gifts to the children and also to the entire village.
In December the village is preparing Christmas and New Year sending out invitations to some biological parents of children and friends from the neighbouring community. And at this time the village team organized collective anniversary for all children into the village. The children participated on cleaning, painting and decorating the village and the elders help their SOS Mothers and Aunts in the preparation of lunch. Children will receive presents from their SOS mothers, some local sponsors and international sponsors.

SOS Mothers have contributed a lot to the success of their children that if to be rate it is 98% input. The Village has a monitoring team and they always meet at every quarter to assess the performance of the students. SOS Mothers also play an active part during these meetings. Extra lessons are also organized to help children with academic difficulties.

SOS PS – Canchungo
The International Child Day was celebrated at school and SOS Children participated massively.

The schools in Guinea Bissau opened October 1st after 3 months of vacation. The occasion was signalized in the presence of pupils and parents who have come for the ceremony with a welcoming speech delivered by the school Director, pupils were happy to meet their colleagues back and the teachers as well.

SOS Clinic
In the Canchungo Medical post, we have got a permanent nurse and a doctor who comes twice a week and when there is a need. Regular consultations are on Tuesday and Thursday for the community.